Innovative surface using silver ions in order to fight against the spread of microorganisms in the premises of food industries


Today, the cleaning and disinfection procedures applied in production workshops in the Food & Beverage industry have limits (risk of contamination by viable non-cultivable bacteria).


The project aims to develop an innovative surface using silver ions, easy to clean in order to fight against the spread of microorganisms in the premises of food industries and to optimize the installation in the very complex context of these premises.

They funded the project

About the project

The partners of this project wish:

  • To study the responses of bacterial communities to this chemical control strategy (Listeria, Vibrio, Pseudomonas, Bacillus).
  • Analyze and control the rate of release of silver ions (encapsulated in glass microbeads) from antimicrobial materials.
  • To have all the scientific and technical information necessary to control the health risk.
  • To test the performance of the products used to reduce the bacterial load in addition to cleaning and disinfecting products in the technological hall.
  • Apply films in industrial environments and determine the performance of these materials.


The developed film will be used to cover surfaces that do not come into direct contact with food products (strip doors, doors, door handles, walls, ceilings ...) and surfaces that come into contact with the product (box, conveyor belt ...). The technical and hygienic performance of these antimicrobial materials will be evaluated in collaboration with industries in the aquaculture sector, which is strongly involved in contributing to the improvement of the hygienic quality of its food production environment.

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