Why become
a member?


Join a network of complementary actors

You will join players with complementary skills (companies, professional unions, research laboratories, technical centers, training centers or institutions) and thus contribute to the innovation and development of the sector.


Have a watch dedicated to aquatic products

You will have access to the Watch Center, a digital tool that covers various qualified sources (regulations, scientific publications, market and economic studies, project results, specialized press, etc.) to provide you with synthetic, up-to-date and confirmed information.


To be solicited in priority manner within the framework of projects

You will be solicited in a priority manner in the search for skills by a partner or a consortium in order to integrate you into a successful project.


To be supported in your individual or collaborative projects

Do you want to set up a project? Are you looking for skills? For financing? You can benefit from our expertise and personalized support in your individual or collaborative projects.


Gaining renown

You will be able to benefit from an additional renown through our communication actions (website, newsletters, workshops...).


Benefit from a preferential price on the events organized by AQUIMER.

You will get preferential prices on the thematic workshops and exchange days organized by AQUIMER.

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Aquimer has also put us in touch with international players who match our market target

Jean Baptiste Drevet, EEL Energy

Technological innovation and research, with the support of the Aquimer cluster, allow us to improve product preservation by managing cold production as well as possible and reduce our environmental impact

Charles Vanappelghem, Norfrigo

COPALIS' dynamism and its capacity to innovate and invest in research have been supported by a close partnership with the AQUIMER competitiveness cluster for 13 years now. In total, we have participated in 11 projects labelled by the cluster.

Arnaud Terninck, COPALIS

REYNAUD relies on the services offered by the AQUIMER cluster in terms of regulatory watch, technology watch and information sharing workshops to feed our thoughts on innovation and research

Eric Bernard, R&O Seafood Gastronomy

How to become a
member of AQUIMER?

Joining the AQUIMER network gives you access to many advantages and services.

To become a member, simply return the completed and signed membership form. The membership application will then be submitted to the AQUIMER Board of Directors for approval. We will send you confirmation of your membership by post.

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