For some years now, biodiversity is a hot topic for a lot of stakeholders : consumers, professionals and also the member states of the United Nations, which have set the preservation of marine biodiversity as a major objective in their 2030 agenda. Environmental assessment methods, based on LCA, only partially take into account biodiversity, whether terrestrial or marine. The Biomaris project aims to contribute to the search for new knowledge on the assessment of marine biodiversity.


To develop a robust scientific methodology for assessing the impact of fishing activities on marine biodiversity and apply it to a specific case study. The methodology will be developed by the Sayari consultancy.

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About the project

  • The first stage involved a literature review based on the latest scientific knowledge available on the environmental footprint of marine products as well as the latest ecological knowledge available. These data complement the various Lifecycle Analysis indicators to propose a methodology for improving the assessment of a product's impact on marine biodiversity.


  • The second stage consisted of carrying out a case study of deep-sea saithe fishing in the North Sea, based on the data supplied by the project partners, Euronor and Sovintex. This case study provided a concrete validation of the methodology developed by Sayari.


  • The final stage will be to promote and communicate the results to industry professionals, in the form of a scientific article, a practical fact sheet and a webinar.


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