Faced with a growing demand for aquatic products, the future of the companies in the sector depends on optimal exploitation of catches from fishing and the development of more sustainable aquaculture.

Today, sustainable development is a major challenge to ensure the competitiveness of companies. In order to develop, companies must meet the expectations of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of production, the preservation of ecosystems and animal welfare. Collaboration with the various players in our network makes it possible to develop innovative solutions to meet these issues while ensuring the economic growth of companies. Research focuses mainly on the development of aquaculture as well as the use of available resources authorized in a reasoned manner.

The role of the AQUIMER cluster within the SMART AQUAPONICS project is to bring the project closer to the French aquaponist community. Thanks to its network, the Pole brings together many professional aquaponists or from the education sector to Smart Aquaponics events. Another essential point, thanks to its special relationship with its members, the cluster allows informal and qualitative meetings between Smart Aquaponics partners and entrepreneurs of the aquaponics sector.

Pierre Raulier, SMART AQUAPONICS Project Coordinator

The life
of a project


The Idea

The needs expressed by professionals, our monitoring tools and our expertise allow us to bring out ideas and development approaches that can be implemented.


Project Definition

We define the project by mobilizing the necessary skills and by formalizing its various stages (description of tasks, planning, budget ...).


Opinion of the Scientific Committee of Experts

The Scientific Expert Committee is responsible for issuing an opinion on the relevance of the projects likely to be labelled by the Cluster, and then for assessing the successful completion of those that have been selected.


Labelling by the Cluster's Board of Directors

The Cluster's Board of Directors follows the recommendations of the Scientific Committee of Experts to label projects. The labelling guarantees the quality of the project, especially with the financial partners.


Aid for the preparation and submission of applications for financing

We help you to write the application for funding


Assistance in project monitoring

We accompany you in the technical and administrative follow-up of the project and in the drafting of the final report.

They support us

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