01 Expertise

For 20 years, we have been advancing alongside companies in the aquatic products sector. Specializing in the fields of aquaculture, fishing and processing, we support you in your innovation and development projects (from finding partners to obtaining financing and bringing new products, services and processes to market).

02 Innovation

It is by constantly innovating and renewing themselves that companies maintain their competitiveness and enjoy sustainable growth. The talents, skills and complementary nature of the players in our network, as well as our monitoring center and expertise, enable us to develop increasingly innovative projects.

03 Confidentiality

Protecting the confidentiality and security of company information or projects is one of our main commitments. All AQUIMER employees are bound by an obligation of secrecy regarding information transmitted by the companies and which could be harmful, if disclosed. This is why, at the time of joining and within the framework of each project, we formalize a confidentiality agreement to preserve confidential information between the parties and set the framework for its use and protection.

04 Sustainable development

Scarcity of resources and growing population demand are changing the way we produce and consume. Sustainable development is an essential factor for the competitiveness and development of businesses. It is therefore in this sense that we support projects aimed at preserving the environment and integrating sustainability into the production methods of the aquatic products sector (healthy and responsible food, resource conservation, reduction of the environmental footprint, etc.).

05 Sharing

New scientific and technical developments and regulatory changes are major assets to support companies in their development. It is therefore essential to ensure the sharing of non-confidential information within our network by disseminating news in the sector (calls for projects, events, information notes, etc.), organizing thematic events, disseminating the results of innovative projects and putting partners in touch with each other for future collaborations.


Board of

Scientific committee
of experts

Scientific, technical and innovation orientation committee


Jean-Loup LESAFFRE Chairman
Jean-Baptiste DELPIERRE
Jean-Baptiste DELPIERRE Honorary Chairman
Thierry MISSONNIER Director
Angeline PIGNON
Angeline PIGNON Deputy Director
Marina BRACHET Financial Manager
Elise MAZURIER Executive Assistant
Charlotte LECOESTER Communication Assistant
Marie BRUAUT Project Manager
Isabelle COS
Isabelle COS Project Manager
Gisèle LE PAGE
Gisèle LE PAGE Project Manager
Julie MANCINI Project Manager
Harmonie TELLIER
Harmonie TELLIER Project Manager
Margherita VECE
Margherita VECE EU Project Manager

Key figures of
Aquimer's partners

160 members
548 partners
125 projects funded
264,4 million euros mobilized

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