Development of a realistic techno-economic method for estimating the hazard of human noroviruses in foods at risk


Since the publishing of the ISO/TS 15216 standard, based on the search for the viral genome in shellfish at risk, access to viral analysis has been democratized in France and in Europe. However, the application of this standard leads to an overestimation of the viral danger in shellfish by leading to the unjustified withdrawal of batches from the market by application of the precautionary principle.


Developing a method to estimate the presence of infectious norovirus* in shellfish.

* Noroviruses are responsible for gastroenteritis in humans. Transmission can occur through the ingestion of contaminated food (shellfish, fresh / processed plants).

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This innovative method will make it possible to limit unjustified withdrawals of batches from the market, optimize purification systems to improve the sanitary quality of shellfish and improve product monitoring for consumers.


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