Improvement of trawl selectivity through the use of light


The improvement of selectivity in the context of the total Landing Obligation in 2019 represents a major challenge for artisanal trawlers fishing in the Eastern Channel and the Southern North Sea. Indeed, this fleet targets many species, whose minimum conservation reference sizes (MRCS) can be varied (Example: in Eastern Channel: mackerel 20cm / whiting 27cm / cod 35cm). In order to maintain good profitability and sustainability of the activity, it is therefore essential to innovate and try to find solutions to improve the selectivity of fishing gear.


Testing the association of new devices using light (LEDs and phosphorescent wires) with known selective equipment (PMC).

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Preliminary tides are used to observe the behavior of the species with respect to light and to define the ideal location of these light devices on the trawl. Experimental tides collect data to verify the effectiveness of these new devices. The ultimate goal is to offer a sustainable device to small-scale trawlers that will allow them to achieve a balance between reducing discards and maintaining turnover.


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