Nutritious, healthy and sustainable aquatic products for tomorrow's consumers


Sustainable development is everyone's business and the scale of the task requires a general awareness. Moving towards sustainable development requires us to change our production and consumption patterns. Consumers and businesses have a common responsibility in this respect and the role of the latter is inescapable.


Develop new healthy and sustainable products adapted to the requirements of sustainable development, the food industry and consumers.

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About the project

Activities focus on the sustainable production and processing of nutritious and healthy aquatic products (market testing of products, sustainable solutions for marine food products/ aquaculture derivatives and nutrients). The project takes into account the environmental impact of the different production operations. It aims to develop, among others, products that are lower in salt, products that are attractive for different targets (seniors, pregnant women and children...), a strategy to avoid contaminants in seafood, aquaculture feeds based on co-products...

7 500 000 € OVERALL BUDGET

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