Low Temperature & Lean Volume Cleaning System


LOWTEV is the result of a project funded by the European Union. It is a system that consists of combining low water consumption equipment with ultrasounds to clean food processing equipment. This technology is expected to result in considerable water savings for the food industry. Indeed, laboratory tests show that the use of LOWTEV allows 60% savings in water and cleaning consumption, 30% savings in energy consumption and 20% increase in productivity.


Demonstrating the efficiency of this cleaning-in-place technology for use in the food industry.

They funded the project

About the project

The LOWTEV II project is a follow-up to the LOWTEV project. In this project, it is shown that the system allows a 60-80% reduction in cleaning water consumption and a minimum 10% reduction in overall water consumption. This equates to a saving of approximately €30,000 on water and energy bills per plant per year. The return on investment is therefore estimated to be around one to two years.


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