Harmonization of thermal analysis methods to analyze micro/nanoplastics


Plastics and their impact on the environment is an important research topic. Different techniques have been developed to analyze nano and microplastics in water, sediments or biotic elements (living world).


The thermal methods used (analytical pyrolisis and thermal analysis) can identify many data. Moreover, they have a real potential compared to spectroscopic or vibration analysis.

However, scientists note a lack of harmonization of these methods.


HARMONICS aims to create links between several experts in the thermal analysis sector.

About the

The project partners will implement a platform to share their experiences and best practices for more efficiency, rapid development and harmonization of techniques for the purpose of analyzing plastic particles and PROCs.


HARMONICS aims to create links between national initiatives and to develop these approaches in new countries.  This network will also allow to share knowledge, to communicate with scientists, companies and the general public. It will also serve as a relay for the European Union on this theme.


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