Traceability is an added value thanks to which companies in the aquatic products sector can improve their competitiveness (they can stand out from the competition and provide the guarantees expected by consumers). To respond to this, AQUIMER initiated, as early as 2006, a study on the digitalization of traceability in the supply chain of the aquatic products sector. This enabled taking inventory of the existing situation to be drawn up (audit of the sector and analysis of the software offer). A process analysis was then carried out and capitalized on via a demonstrator in order to consider the solutions to be implemented.


Constructing the pilot of a collaborative database for the exchange of computerized data for the aquatic products sector.

They funded the project

About the project

The TRASEAPILOT project follows this study. Its aim is to set up a pilot for the exchange of traceability data between the players in the aquatic products sector, to validate the platform specifications, the operational gains and to highlight the points of attention with a view to deployment.


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