Supporting innovation and youth employment in the environmental sector and circular economy


Covid-19 has had an even more severe impact on the employment of the younger generation (4 times as much) than on other age groups, affecting both those with degrees and those with fewer skills.


The young generation has had to fully engage in the era of digitalization, recruitment codes have changed. Many young people see the global climate emergency as the biggest challenge of their generation (Purpose Pulse, 2020). They have bright ideas about how to address the challenges around them, but may not have received training or support on how to turn those ideas into innovations and successful businesses.


The goal of this project is to support youth innovation and employment.

GreenTalent will support 600 young innovators working in international teams. The project will allow them to join a dynamic group of work responding to global trends on the environment and circular economy.

About the

The project partners have several missions:

  • Establish an international GreenTalent Innovators Program to support 600 young innovators (job creation and €200,000 investment in the green economy);
  • 100 000 € of loans granted to SMEs, crowdfunding and other secured financing in green start-ups;
  • Development of 5 R&D cooperation programs and 20 new start-ups.

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