Study on the use of cobotics for the design of a versatile tool for shelling scallops and filleting certain round fishes


Fishing is an activity that is subject to variations in tonnage and price and is faced with a decrease in resources. The sector is particularly confronted with two problems: the decline in the attractiveness of the fishing and fish trading trades and the need to maximize the value of the species landed.

The lack of labor in the trade leads to an inability to absorb the volumes landed, which are therefore exported for processing abroad and then re-imported. In addition, there is little use of the mechanization tools that make it possible to carry out fish operations and absorb more volumes. They are, in many cases, too specific and investment costs are a hindrance for processing companies.


Developing a multi-purpose tool for the sector.

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Developed with the help of innovative techniques, the project will make the fishing and aquatic product processing trades more attractive and increase the competitiveness of fish trading companies.


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