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A look back at the “Digitalisation in aquaculture” Forum (EATIP)

The Forum "Digitization in aquaculture" was organized on March 26, 2021. The objective was to take stock of the needs, challenges and to present how new technologies can improve business performance in the aquaculture sector. The European Commission, companies, as well as researchers spoke and presented on this subject.

Innovation in new technologies, especially tools using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence allow companies in the aquaculture production sector to increase their efficiency. Indeed, they can guarantee a better productivity, a more sustainable and responsible activity, with more attractive jobs for young people.

Several tools were presented, we can separate them into two categories:

  • Continuous production monitoring (Biocéanor, Norwegian Seafood Federation):

Sensors or other equipment are connected to a platform in order to monitor selected parameters (water, cage condition, environment, fish health). All these parameters can communicate with external information (artificial intelligence, internet of thing) to facilitate the study.

  • Improving training (IGB Berlin):

A virtual reality tool allows to test different scenarios “on site” (e.g. feeding, testing aquaculture models/designs…)

The acquisition of new technologies represents a challenge for companies. They have to face issues of costs, data management and ownership, adaptability to existing structures…

For more information on this event, please contact Marie Bruaut.

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