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3 questions to Xavier BATEMAN from CONEGAN

Each month, find out more about our members in 3 questions! This month, Xavier Bateman of Conegan, answers our questions.

What is your area of business?

Conegan is a service provider. Its core business is the packaging of frozen products. To support its customers, the company has developed new skills upstream and downstream of packaging with several workshops dedicated to specific techniques: cutting, foreign body detection, sorting, freezing and defrosting.

Fifteen production lines allow us to offer different types of packaging with industrial performance: tubular bagging for all sizes of products with the possibility of managing mixtures, preformed bags (ZIP bags, stand-up pouches, etc.), vacuum packaging, skin packs, thermoformed trays, shrink-wrapping, etc. We assist our customers in the design of their packs and manage their design and storage. In partnership with our local partners and in particular Norfrigo, Gaultier Cartoners, Mondial Navys, Delanchy, we offer a very interesting global service.


Who are your products/services aimed at?

Conegan is aimed at all operators who need to market products in the various distribution networks. These are producers (arsenal, fish farms, etc.), importers, wholesalers, distributors and industrialists.

Our customers are based all over the world and have their products packaged or processed in our workshop before marketing them on the European market. Each customer can store his products at the entry of our workshop. Thanks to the diversity of our services and our proximity to the markets, they meet the expectations of the market with simplicity and great reactivity.

The sharing of the use of the lines makes it possible to obtain an effective cost of packaging. The diversity of processes allows us to differentiate products and thus create real added value: packaging has an impact on the act of purchasing.


Why are innovation and research important in your business?

Our experience and certifications have long been sufficient to be attractive. For several years now, our sustainability has depended on our ability to set ourselves apart and gain in productivity.

We offer new services and improve our tools every year. In recent years, we have deployed robotics and machine vision, and thanks to our equipment suppliers, we have considerably improved our productivity and our energy impact.

For the past eight years, ten percent of our turnover has been devoted to new investment programs. Public policies support us and we have been able to benefit from aids such as the CICE, the CEE or the FEAMP. At the same time, we join as soon as possible the approaches of clusters and/or platforms such as Aquimer, Actalia or CEA Tech to benefit from their resources.

In addition, we must improve the working conditions of our teams and are forced to become more attractive to attract talent.

Our future will depend on our in-house command of more and more technologies and our ability to effectively manage data flows with our customers and suppliers.


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