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3 questions for Renaud Enjalbert (CEO of ProcSea)

Each month, find out more about our members in 3 questions! This month, Renaud ENJALBERT, from PROCSEA, answers our questions.

What is the nature of your business?

A digital partner of the sea industry since 2016, ProcSea develops a technological solution that simplifies exchanges between the players of the sea food sector. Innovative and intuitive, the software optimizes and secures the buying and selling process and saves time.

We support seafood professionals in their digital transition by providing them with a simple and powerful technology so that they can gain operational efficiency and develop their business.
✔️ Automatic and dynamic management of commercial exchanges (purchase order, stock, invoice, pick-up order, delivery note, forwarding summary)
✔️ Optimization of internal processes thus allowing to better meet customers’ expectations, despite reduced staffing, and to gain in productivity. Time savings of 40%!
✔️  Digital sales channels allowing to acquire and attract new customers.

Who are your products/services aimed at?

ProcSea is French software that addresses the needs of all sector players actors who buy and sell seafood products:

  • fishmongers
  • wholesalers
  • producers
  • processors
  • Distributors
  • Central purchasing departments

Functional and flexible, our software also meets the needs of the agri-food sector and particularly those of the fruit and vegetable market.

Why are innovation and research important in your industry?

Innovation and research enable all the players in our industry to reshape, transform and strengthen themselves to overcome all the regulatory, health, economic and social challenges of today and tomorrow:

  • How to feed humanity while preserving the marine resources and environment?
  • How to improve the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, estimated at 30% of fishing activities worldwide?
  • How to make the entire supply chain sustainable, responsible and transparent to ensure maximum food safety?
  • Why does such a global industry not share the same language and standards?

Technology is the key to solving all these challenges! By connecting the various players to each other and simplifying their business relationships, the seafood industry can accelerate its profound transformation. ProcSea is betting on making the entire market more fluid through the exchange of standardized and secure IT data, and the automation and simplification of purchasing and sales processes.

In fact, ProcSea’s story began with this observation in 2016 with the creation of a simple “PROCurement of the SEA” technology platform, which is the origin of our name.

Aquimer is for ProcSea a relevant source of information on all the new topics that affect the Sea sector. Moreover, Aquimer has allowed us to integrate pan-European projects to raise awareness and mobilize all those involved towards more transparency and traceability.

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