The pilot farm "Eauzons! is one of the pioneers of aquaponics in France. Built at the end of 2019, the pilot farm combines the best of aquaculture and horticultural technologies. Plants and fruits grow there thanks to nutrients from fish. Their objective is to build a full-scale aquaponic farm of 1 hectare under shelter, to diversify their production and supply the large towns of the South-West.

The Eauzons! farm is a project led by a team of 15 associates, agronomists and specialists. The team benefits from a large network in France and internationally, as well as the support of a scientific committee of experts in the fields of aquaculture, aquaponics, greenhouse production, marketing and research. The pilot farm consists of an aquaponic greenhouse and a hatchery. Eauzons has set itself the goal of building a 10,000m² commercial farm in 2023 to house diversified crops and better meet demand, and by 2025, to be able to offer a turnkey system of commercial aquaponics farms.

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