The common sole (Solea solea) is an emblematic species of the Eastern Channel fishery. With a high commercial value, it can account for up to three quarters of the turnover of certain fleets. Restrictions on other species (notably skate or cod) have reinforced this dependence on sole. However, fishing mortality, currently above recommended levels, has been accompanied by very low recruitment in recent years. This twofold observation has led the European Commission to lower the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) since 2013.


Acquire new biological and ecological knowledge in order to improve stock assessment modelling.

They funded the project

About the project

The SMAC project arose from the observation that there were gaps in scientific knowledge of the dynamics of the Eastern Channel stock.

The project is based on three main lines of work: the spatiality and connectivity of the functional areas of the stock, the origins of recruitment variability, and finally the selectivity of fishing gear.

1 500 000 € OVERALL BUDGET

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