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Call for FEAMPA projects

The European Commission has launched a call for projects financed by FEAMPA (European Fund for Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Aquaculture) to co-finance projects for the development or deployment of innovative multi-use solutions concerning marine renewable energies and at least one other activity in the field of the blue economy such as aquaculture, fisheries, tourism, maritime transport or ocean observation and/or nature protection (in Natura 2000 areas, for example)


The selected projects will have to be carried by at least 2 partners public or private located in 2 States concerned by the EU Atlantic Strategy (France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain). Only projects that make a sustainable and environmental contribution to an activity will be considered.


Amount of the European grant/project selected: from €700,000 to €1 million


Deadline to apply: 12 January 2022


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