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3 questions to Estelle LE BIHAN from IVAMER

Each month, find out more about our members in 3 questions! This month, Estelle LE BIHAN from IVAMER, answers our questions.

What is your area of business?

IVAMER is specialized in assisting professionals in the management and valorization of marine and agri-food resources, in particular co-products. The technical-scientific, IP, regulatory, process and market aspects are an integral part of IVAMER's intervention.

IVAMER, which has research tax credit approval, offers customized research and development support to industrialists. Hydrolysates that will be integrated into food formulations, PAI based on co-products or production by-products for ready-made meals, the development of new ingredients for aquaculture, the implementation of processes to better valorize resources...

IVAMER has been able to assist many sector players in the development of new ingredients and the valorization of co-products from multiple raw materials, for example based on shellfish, mollusks (marine and terrestrial), vegetables, fish, agri-food production deviations (pastries, ready meals...)

IVAMER's know-how extends from the design of a project to the implementation of the solution at the sites of the professionals.

Who are your products/services aimed at?

They concern all sectors of the agri-food industry, from upstream to downstream (production, processing, distribution, industry, territory). IVAMER's clients are national and even international depending on the project.

IVAMER brings its expertise to companies, associations, institutions and communities at all stages of a project.

IVAMER intervenes in a confidential and customized manner.

Why are innovation and research important in your sector?

Innovation and research are very important in our sector of activity since our core business is to provide outsourced and customized R&D services to the players in the agri-food sector.

IVAMER is recognized as a private research laboratory through its research tax credit approval and works on research and development projects on behalf of professionals in the agri-food industry.

IVAMER offers complete support from the idea/issue to implementation, including R&D development, validation of equipment and feasibility via pre-production and custom analyses.

In this context, IVAMER has been a member of the Aquimer cluster since its creation. This allows IVAMER to feed our business watch and our reflections through the services and the activities led by Aquimer.

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