Supporting the transition to the bioeconomy for a more sustainable future through communication, education and citizen engagement


Production and consumption drive the economy. Global challenges such as climate change, land and ecosystem degradation, coupled with a growing population, require us to seek new sustainable ways of living that respect the ecological limits of our planet.


The Transition2BIO project aims to support the transition to the bioeconomy, including communication, education and citizen engagement, for a more sustainable future.

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The Transition2BIO project proposes an integrated set of activities addressing a wide range of stakeholders. It will enhance and leverage sector communication tools and activities, raise public awareness of the bioeconomy, and contribute to the transition to more sustainable production through engagement and education activities.
The project is promoted by the founders of the European Bioeconomy Network, an alliance of over 70 projects and initiatives promoting the bioeconomy. This project enables to:

  • Valorize and exploit communication tools and activities developed at national, regional and local levels by bioeconomy projects;
  • Raise awareness of the bioeconomy in general and the related environmental and socio-economic impacts;
  • Contribute to the transition towards more sustainable production, consumption and lifestyles through engagement and education activities;
  • Contribute to the deployment of regional bioeconomy strategies by providing Member States and regions with methodologies, mentoring, capacity building, tools and materials to raise awareness and communicate the bioeconomy;
  • Facilitate the identification of education and training needs for the creation of an innovation ecosystem for the bioeconomy;
  • Strengthen the European Bioeconomy Network to maximize collaboration and impacts of EU-funded projects in the bioeconomy.

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