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BiOceanOr: Revolutionising aquaculture with AI and BlueInvest

BiOceanOr's has expanded from oyster farming to a range of aquaculture products including salmon, sea bass, sea bream, tilapia, prawns and seaweed. With a view to minimising its environmental footprint and mitigating the potential impact on downstream aquaculture businesses and others, BiOceanOr set out to develop a tool that would ensure safe, environmentally friendly and efficient operations at farm level. To fill the data gap, BiOceanOr set out to create a digital solution to advance aquaculture.

Real-time data from an underwater weather station

BiOceanOr's AquaREAL water quality assistant provides real-time data to farmers and customers. This enables aquaculture producers to predict environmental changes and proactively manage risks.

This innovation can work with different types of sensors and monitoring devices. It benefits aquaculture by improving downstream applications, stimulating fish growth and ensuring fish welfare. It also helps water companies to manage wastewater discharges and optimise pumping operations in the catchment area.


BlueInvest in action

The BlueInvest funding programme has played an important role in BiOceanOr's journey. The programme has provided valuable advice and put them in touch with partners across Europe. In particular, the programme's support and visibility have been crucial for BiOceanOr in attracting new investors, customers and partners.

The first round of funding in June 2023, amounting to €2.5 million, will enable the company to develop its activities in the salmon farming sector, focusing in particular on predicting water quality in order to reduce risks and provide information that can be used to optimise production.


About BlueInvest

BlueInvest is an EU initiative to stimulate innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy. It offers help with access to finance for start-ups, SMEs and large-scale enterprises. BlueInvest is funded by the European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund.

BlueInvest Readiness Assistance is an exclusive coaching programme. It is aimed at high-potential European start-ups and SMEs offering innovative and sustainable products and solutions for the blue economy. Companies and projects selected for investment readiness assistance will receive coaching packages tailored to their level of readiness and business objectives. The programme is impact-driven, with a clear focus on providing business support to help start-ups and SMEs strengthen their capacity to grow and attract investment.


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