Phagos is based on the use of the natural predator of bacteria, the bacteriophage, in order to bring an eco-responsible and economical solution to bacterial infections in aquaculture.

Phagos offers tailor-made solutions to treat each environment in an optimal way and make it more robust in the long term.

A thorough analysis of each particular environment is completed to identify its needs. The corresponding phage therapy is then prepared by the team and sent to the aquaculturist. It can be used not only as a prophylactic, but also as a remedy in case of infectious peaks. The dosages for each use are communicated.

By repeating this process on a regular basis, Phagos guarantees a long-term efficiency of its bacteriophages against target pathogens.

5 Avenue du Général de Gaulle - 94160 Saint-Mandé
PANTALIS Alexandros, Président
JAMES Adèle, Directrice Générale

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