October 2014

France – China SME Forum from the 21st to the 24th October 2014 :

The France-China SME Forum is being organised by the 'Prospective Innovation' foundation presided over by Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

During 2014, France and China are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations. For this, the 50th anniversary Organising Committee is organising several events throughout the year. In this context, the France-China SME Forum ,which will take place next October, has been labellised by the Committee.

The Forum will bring together 800 French and Chinese SMEs in the shape of pre-arranged business meetings.

Six large areas of business will be represented, including the agri-food sector.

 Why should you take part in the France - China SME Forum?

 A prestigious partner:

The Bank of China is the Chinese partner of the SME Forum in  Chengdu. The number 1 Bank for businesses in China, the Bank of China will select financially sound Chinese businesses which are motivated to set up sustainable partnerships with French SMEs.

.A system which has proved its worth:

The FUTURALLIA business speed-dating model has been successful for over twenty years. It ensures a high level of quality in B2B meetings, by analysing and monitoring the profile of each business registered. The match-making operation is carried out thoroughly in order to arrange 14 meetings over 2 days. Additional informal meetings will be arranged upon request.

 A turnkey concept:

Over the 3 days, the France-China SMS Forum allows you to have pre-arranged and informal business meetings, to meet specialists in the Chinese market, to have access to the Great Western Fair. Shuttles, hotel, interpreting service, lunches and dinners, everything is included!! A saving in both time and energy.

For 1400 € before tax, each business will be entitled to:

 The shuttle between the airport and the hotel

·                 The presentation of the Chinese market given by Ubifrance Chengdu

·                 The cocktail reception

·                 The pre-arranged business meetings

·                 Available interpreting service during the meetings

·                 Entrance to the 2 villages: Partners and Experts

·                 The 2 business lunches

·                 The networking evening

·                 The gala evening

·                 Entrance to the Chengdu Western Fair

·                 3 nights in a Business Class hotel


If you are interested in taking part, please contact Mathilde Coquelle (e-mail)

Download the SME Business forum presentation

Download the flyer

ACTIA Industrial Performance Conference on the 21st October 2014 :

ACTIA is organising a conference on «Industrial Performance: Tools and Approaches for the Agrifood Industry» on Tuesday the 21st October 2014 in Paris.

To register, please follow this link: http://www.dgcis.gouv.fr/secteurs-professionnels/performance-industrielle-outils-et-demarches-pour-l-agro-alimentaire 
(Registration is free, compulsory and by name before the 21st September 2014 – limited number of places)




23rd & 24th October 2014: return of information for professionals of the exploitable results of the 3 projects dealing with food :

Thursday 23rd October from 13h45 to 18h00


FISH-PARASITES Project:Fish endoparasites: hazard identification, impact and research with a view to an effective prevention strategy

The impact of parasites on the quality and the safety of fishery products on the market (prevalence and identification),

·        Online detection strategies of parasites in fish fillets,

·        Setting up of a scientific platform for the identification of fish parasites,

·        Development of a further training programme.


Friday 24th October


9h30 – 11h30 ECOBIOPRO:Influence of bioprotective cultures: description and evolution of the microbial ecosystem in meat products and seafood. Assessment of the impact of protective cultures on the deterioration, quality and overall ecosystems of seafood and meat products

11h30 – 11h45 Break

11h45 – 13h15 PROTOFOOD:Parasites in bivalve molluscs and plants: methods for their detection, accumulation, persistence and impact of household cooking methods.

13h15 luncheon cocktail


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