Manage Health & Safety risks in your company with AQUIMER's expertise

Employees are exposed to various risks related to their activity. Today, the employer has a duty to prevent these risks, whether physical or psychological, in order to protect them. He must be able to assess the occupational hazards and report on them in a Single Document. The employer must also implement preventive actions. The optimization of your company's risk management allows you to reduce the costs related to occupational accidents and diseases.

The benefits


Identification, assessment and prevention of occupational risks


Ergonomics at work


Harsh work conditions


Occupational health and safety audit


Helping to take into account Psychosocial Risks


Service 1. Single document/ Annual Prevention Program

Service 2. Job studies/prevention action plan

Service 3. Harsh work conditions diagnosis / Assistance in writing exposure sheets

Service 4. Audit report/ Assistance in implementing the recommendations

Services 5. Training in a method of taking psychosocial risks into account

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