The Governance

Board of Directors:

1st college: Businesses, producers' organisations

Algae Natural Food : Francis-Andreas Kurz

Aquanord Ichtus : Henri HELLIN

Auchan : Jacques LE CARDINAL

Carrefour : Frédéric REZKI

Ecloserie Marine de Gravelines : Olivier BRAMA


Nouvelles Vagues : Olivier POLINE

Norfrigo : Olivier WAUTERS

Novocib : Larissa BALAKIREVA

Organisation des Pêcheurs Normands : Manuel EVRARD


Valofish : François MEURICE


2nd college: Research and study laboratories, Technical centres and Training organisations

CEVA : Stéphanie PEDRON


ISA/Yncrea Hauts-de-France : Christophe FACHON

Université de Lille : Nicole DUPONT

Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale : Thierry GRARD


3rd college: Unions and professional federations and VIPs

CNPMEM : Monsieur Gérard ROMITI

France Filière Pêche : Monsieur Jacques WOCI


4th college: Institutes and Local Authorities

Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Littoral Hauts-de-France : Patrice DURAND

Communauté d'Agglomération du Boulonnais : Jean-Loup LESAFFRE

Région Hauts-de-France : Jean-François RAPIN

The Scientific Committee of Experts

The "Scientific Committee of Experts" is responsible for providing an opinion as to the relevance of projects likely to be labellised by the Pole and then to evaluate the successful outcome of those selected.

Assessment of projects prior to labellisation :

  • Opinion on the economic and scientific admissibility of the project,

A posteriori assessment of the projects :

  • Analysis of the projects, on their completion, using a four-family yardstick of criteria regarding :
    • the achievement or otherwise of the initial objectives
    • the impact of the project in terms of placing on the market, growth in turnover, employment and dynamic partnerships,
    • its determinant nature in the field of scientific and/or technological advances,
    • its full completion which may require or may not require continuation.

This Committee is composed of two representatives from the first college, as well as between three to five qualified personalities appointed by the Board of Directors.

Le Comité d’Orientation Scientifique, Technique et d’Innovation (COSTI)

The COSTI’s mission in to bring together all the scientific players at a national level as well as combining their skills in order to be an effective proposal maker in the collective work that needs to be carried out and this so that the priority expectations defined with professionals from the aquatic products sector can be met, and then to ensure that they are followed. It is essential to have a clear view of the main lines of research to be tackled in the next ten years by laying out Pole AQUIMER’s three themes. COSTI has to enable rallying and action. Its aim is to conjugate all efforts in the field of research.

Financial partners


Support of projects


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