In order to anticipate the jobs of tomorrow and to encourage the transfer of knowledge and know*how, Pole AQUIMER takes part in the setting up of initial and on-going training, in order to meet the needs of its members.

In this way Pole AQUIMER is a player in the development of new training offers in conjunction with its partners from the ’Campus de la Mer’ in order to offer businesses training that corresponds to the challenges identified in its strategic road map with a view to :

- developing new training programmes which will allow new technologies to be

apprehended by professionals,

- taking part in the setting up of new initial/on-going training programmes at the same time as new ways to diversify for the sector (the breeding of new aquaculture species,…).

The Pole has already backed the implementation of two training offers:

- a professional degree Environment and Food Safety (ESA) at the ‘Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale’ (ULCO),

- a training programme at the CUEEP Trade and Promotion of Seafood Products.

As a founding member of the French Scientific Group ‘Campus International de la Mer et de l’Environnement Littoral’ (CIMEL), Pole AQUIMER strives to strengthen cooperation between academic and socio-economic players on the priority themes identified in its strategic road map. The Pole also plays an essential role in promoting the research carried out by CIMEL to businesses.

It also participates in the setting up of the ’Mers et Océans’ Learning Center.

This is a meeting place for high level thematic knowledge, and makes infrastructures, services and skills which optimise access to information, including from a distance, available not only to students, the scientific community but also to businesses and citizens.

The Learning Centers also assist partners in ‘life-long’ training who will have an innovative pedagogical environment.

Within the framework of the French Centre of Research and Higher Education (PRES) at the ’Université Lille Nord de France’ and in partnership with the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Regional Council, Pole AQUIMER is also involved in the setting up of the «Innovation and Poles of Competitiveness» Learning Center.

Located on the campus of the ‘Université Lille 1’, the ’Innovation and Poles of Competitiveness’ Learning Center will be a strong sign of the alliance between the University and the economic world. It will provide support for regional economic development and will work at a high level of synergy with the centre for innovation located at the ‘Cité Scientifique’.

In addition, within the framework of the Local Economic Development Plan for the Boulonnais’, players in the fields of employment and development met at the Employment and Economic Changes Platform for the Boulonnais which was officially launched on the 7th May 2010.

The purpose of this platform is to help businesses to achieve their projects and to accompany them in their economic development and to respond to their concerns (activities, development, training, innovation, premises, human resources…).This tool should allow, for example, the training offer to match the needs of businesses, to foresee difficulties and also to improve youth job guidance and therefore their opportunities and also promote jobs for job seekers.

This project, which concerns the whole Boulonnais employment area, was initiated by the ‘Maison de l’Emploi et de la Formation du Boulonnais’ (MEF) and in partnership with the ‘CCI Côte d’Opale’. Its implementation brought together many local players : ‘CAB’, ‘Pôle Emploi’, ‘Mission Locale du Pays boulonnais’, ‘PLIE’, ‘Direction Départementale du Travail’, ‘Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle’, ‘Conseil Régional’, ‘Conseil Général’, ‘AGEFOS PME’, ‘Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale’,…

Pole AQUIMER plays an active role in this by gathering the needs of businesses, adapting the existing training offer and encouraging the creation of new initial and on-going training offers.

Lastly, the state-of-the-art technologies to be found at the ’Nouvelles Vague’ Innovation Platform will provide support to training organisations who are the Pole’s partners, thereby providing them with a competitive edge over other existing training structures .


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