The actions

In order to widen its network of partners, Pole AQUIMER develops cooperation at an international level around its themes and levers of excellence.

It is therefore present at exhibitions having a connection with the aquatic products sector and organises assignments/meetings with targeted players (clusters, competency centres, businesses…).

The presence of the Pole at national and international exhibitions is essential. It enables us to learn about the trends in order to provide members with feedback, to highlight the latest advances in terms of labellised collaborative Research and Development projects, to promote international networking actions, to help member businesses to export (support of CCI International and Ubifrance) and above all, to establish contact with the players present (clusters, research laboratories, technical centres, training centres, businesses).

International assignments are made to measure in partnership with CCI International, Ubifrance, the DGCIS (the French General Directorate for Competitiveness, Industry and Services) and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Regional Council. This type of assignment usually includes:

  • - a programme of individual and collective meetings with potential partners,
  • - the organisation of a seminar to promote the members of the Pole of Competitiveness via their R&D projects,
  • - a presentation of the sector/of the industry and innovation in the target country,
  • - a flexible schedule, on a case to case basis (visit to professional exhibition, targeted technical seminary).


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