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Find out the the third newsflash of the Terafood project :

Find out the the third newsflash of the Terafood project (project labellised on 23 november 2017) : " Using Sound to Determine the Freshness of Your Food"

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AQUIMER à la Journée Maritime Européenne 2018 en Bulgarie :

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Workshop “ Insects : what perspectives for human consumption “ :

Edible insects have been found to be rich in proteins and nutrients for human beings' nutritional requirements and world food challenges. The steady growth of the world population and its impact on the environment bring us to organize on this topic :

On QUALITROPIC initiative, Guyane Développement Innovation and AQUIMER organized on December 7th 2017 a workshop “ Insects : what perspectives for human consumption” . This workshop was the opportunity to discuss the current situation on insect-based food sales and the new regulations from January 1st 2018.

Indeed, Insects on sale on the European market for human consumption is subjected to Novel Food regulation, which ensure consumers’ safety. Producers will have to provide to the European Commission a technical dossier before selling their products on the market.

Experts called on producers to gather in order to share the dossier’s costs. A good practices guide on insects breedings will be published in the forthcoming months.

For more information, please contact

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On October 12-13th 2017, the Estonian Presidency of the European Union and the European Commission organized the annual conference on European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) in Tallinn (Estonia)

AQUIMER and stakeholders from all over the EU exchanged their views on EMFF’s relevance regarding the implementation of the European Common Fisheries Policy in the current funding period (2014-2020).

Moreover, the event was the opportunity to discuss current and future challenges that the fishing sector stakeholders are facing, as well as the potential solutions to tackles those challenges.

For more information, please contact

Our fishing sector facing BREXIT : the stakes of a perilous negotiation : :

Our fishing sector facing BREXIT : the stakes of a perilous negotiation :

On October 3rd 2017, Pôle AQUIMER presented to its members the negotiation’ s stake of BREXIT for the fishing sector. The professionals of the fishing industry, fish wholesalers and other enterprises from the fishing sector exchanged discussed the BREXIT impacts on the sector.

For more information, please contact

23 of April 2015 : SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL in Brussels :

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Happy New year ! :

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New projects labellised by AQUIMER : :

On the 25th November 2014, the Board of Directors labellised 4 new projects:


Production of the greater amberjack Seriola dumerili



ECO-Water treatment  by  Micro Bubbles in Aquaculture and the Industrial Process of aquatic product processing



Marine and coastal research on the Côte d’Opale: from environments to resources, to the use and  quality of aquatic resources



New Food Ingredients for Aquaculture

F2C «French Food Cluster» Agrifood Poles of Competitiveness Partnership Mission to Japan: :

At the beginning of November 2014, the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, AQUIMER, Valorial and  Vitagora® Poles of Competitiveness, who belong to the «French Food Cluster», met the Japanese clusters Kyushu et Hokkaïdo, with whom they have a partnership agreement.

This mission was able to discover innovations developed within these clusters around their local resources as well as the promotion of these products: algae, caught and farmed fish, vegetables,…

Following on from these meetings, in 2015 AQUIMER will join a consortium of several Japanese universities to strengthen Franco-Japanese exchanges on innovation in aquatic products.

Mission to Chile - opportunities for partnerships :

From the 19th to the 25th October 2014, Poles AQUIMER and Mer Bretagne Atlantique organised, with the support of Ubifrance and financial backing from the DGE, a mission to Chile that brought together around ten participants.

This mission allowed us to understand the innovation support tools in Chile and the research subjects of several universities in the field of aquaculture, the exploitation of algae, the study of ecosystems and the management of health risks…

The Aquasur trade show and the lectures given at this event provided a panorama of aquaculture in Chile following the 2008 salmon health crisis.

A summary report of the mission and the opportunities for partnerships will soon be available for members of Pole AQUIMER.

Please contact Mathilde Coquelle if you are interested in taking part in the exchange of information.

A day of discussions «Pathogenic or Protective Flora: cross perspectives between food safety and aquaculture» :

A day of discussions «Pathogenic or Protective Flora: cross perspectives between food safety and aquaculture»

Pole AQUIMER organised another day of discussions «Pathogenic or Protective Flora: cross perspectives between food safety and aquaculture» on Thursday 2nd October 2014 in Paris.

During this one-day event, the results from several research projects, as well as innovative technologies, were presented. Professionals from all over France took part in this event. The subjects addressed provided updates on many questions that professionals are asking and suggestions for new prospects to fuel exchanges between participants and speakers:

o    Vibrio and food safety of aquatic products ,

o    Risk of viruses in aquatic products,

o    Research activities, monitoring and support of the shellfish industry,

o    Phages: prospects for use in food safety,

o    Vibrio in aquaculture species: identification of pathogenic strains and prospects,

o    Microbullage and prevention of Vibrio in aquaculture.

The following presenters took part in this day of discussions: Stéphanie COPIN (ANSES Boulogne-sur-Mer), Pascal GARRY  (IFREMER Nantes), Sylvie LAPEGUE (IFREMER La Tremblade), Catherine DENIS (ACTALIA), Alain LE BRETON (Société Vet’eau) and Frédéric LAURENT (Société SLQI).

For any information please contact Marielle Marie

Seminar on the development of seafood products in Agadir :

On the 30th September 201, Pole AQUIMER took part in the seminar on the development of seafood products organised by its partner, the Agadir Pole of Competitiveness.

The aim of this seminar was to sensitise industrialists to the need to extend their offer by developing high added value products. It brought together around a hundred participants. Co-operation in control methods and the development of co-products is to be developed in particular. You will soon be offered the opportunity at attend meetings between French and Moroccan businesses in order to set up partnerships in these fields.

The Zeetex Project’s Third Newsletter is out! :

«Which innovative textiles for marine applications?» is the question raised by the four partners in the ZEETEX Project: Centexbel, Up-Tex, Flander’s Maritime Cluster and AQUIMER. The aim of this project, funded by the Interreg IV programme, is to promote and instigate the development of innovative textile products for marine applications.


See this publication for reports on the workshops held in March and June 2014 and news on the sea and textile sectors.

Health and Food Days :

On the 18th and 19th June 2014, Pôle AQUIMER attended the Health and Food Days that drew over 800 participants this year. This event was an opportunity for AQUIMER to meet businesses, research centres and project owners wishing to develop their activities in the field of nutrition.


The Pôle also lead a «Seafood: development and nutritional approaches» workshop to demonstrate the value of developing a range of products suited to the needs of active seniors using healthy, nutritionally good and locally produced products. At this event, Olivier Maës, CEO of the Jacques Maës SAS company, presented the nutritional approach of the R.E.P.A.S. project («Recherche d’Equilibre et de Plaisir dans l’Alimentation des Séniors»), which lead to the creation of the «Secret de cocottes» brand and the launch of a high-quality range of products for seniors and for the whole family.

Spotlight on Sustainable Development: Report on Eco-Design profitability :

Eco-design profitability:

An investigation into the profitability of eco-design has just been published. The first results were presented at the [avniR] congress in 2013. For 96 % of the 119 businesses questioned, product eco-design has either a positive or neutral effect on business profits.  You will find attached a summary of the economic returns of eco-design. The full report is available from Pôle AQUIMER.

Food Allergens Training session in Boulogne sur mer on the 27th May 2014 :

On the 27th May 2014 Pôle AQUIMER organised a «Food Allergens Risk Management» training session in partnership with ACTALIA, ADRIANOR and the Institut Pasteur Lille. The HACCP method applied to allergen risk management was the main theme of this training session. Allergen-specific cleaning and disinfection methods, product labelling under the INCO regulation and the case of allergies caused by fish parasites were also presented during this training session.



Zeetex Meeting 25th March 2014 :

Which textile innovations should be developed for the maritime sector

This is the question that the four partners in the ZEETEX project, the AQUIMER and Up TEX Poles of Competitiveness, Centexbel and the Flander’s Maritime Cluster, would like to answer:

In order to do this, on the 25th March 2014 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, they organised a workshop This work group brought together 25 people, businesses and textile, fishing and aquaculture organisations.

After a presentation on the needs followed by textile expertise, the participants were able to hold discussions during the B to B meetings, on the innovative solutions that could be developed. These discussions should result in collaborative projects and tests on textile materials.

Please contact Mathilde Coquelle or Claire Caralp with any  questions!

This project is backed by Europe within the framework of the Interreg IV France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen programme.

Agreement signed between Gloria Maris and Stella Mare :

On March 11th last, Pole AQUIMER visited the Corsican platform of Stella Mare. This visit followed on from the labellisation by Pole AQUIMER in May 2013 of this structuring project owned by the University of Corsica and the CNRS. Collaborations between Stella Mare, Gloria Maris and the Nouvelles Vagues Innovation Platform, backed by Pole AQUIMER, are underway in order to develop research projects which are essential to the development of the industry. (photo : Stella Mare)

My Thesis in180 Seconds :

Pole AQUIMER was a member of the jury at the regional final of the MT180 (My Thesis in 180 Seconds) competition on the 8th March 2014 in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

This international competition which was launched in 2008 in Australia allows young doctoral students to hone their communication skills via an original exercise that highlights their abilities to summarise a difficult subject and to make it comprehensible to all.

This event was a great success thanks to your contribution.


Here are the first pictures:

Conversation with the two prize winners:

Conference on Aquaculture at the Fish International Fair in Bremen :

Pole AQUIMER attended the conference on closed circuit aquaculture which was held on the 10th and 11th February 2014 at the Fish International Fair in Bremen.

This visit was an opportunity to meet German research centres involved in this field and to take stock of the correct use of this technique.

For any questions: (contact Mathilde Coquelle)

Visit of a Japanese Delegation :

A delegation from the University of Tokyo visited Pole AQUIMER on the 26th February 2014.

This visit followed on from a first meeting which took place in Tokyo last October during the collaborative mission of the French Food Cluster (F2C) organised by Ubifrance and backed by the DGCIS.

The delegation was extremely interested in the discussions that they were able to have with the members from AQUIMER. The next F2C mission to Japan, planned for October 2014, could be an opportunity to turn intentions to collaborate into a reality!

For any questions: (contact Mathilde Coquelle)

Regional Conference Kick-off for the Horizon 2020 Programme on the 14th January 2014 :

The regional conference kick-off for the Horizon 2020 programme took place on the14th January 2014 at the Region’s headquarters. Opened by Sandrine Rousseau, the Vice-president responsible for Higher Education and Research, this brought together over 250 economic and scientific representatives on the topic of European funding opportunities for research and innovation projects within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme.


The audience enjoyed presentations from the European Commission, from the Minister for Higher Education and Research and from the Region, various testimonies from players in the field of innovation already involved in European projects as well as political and academic figures on the theme of cross-border cooperation.


Thematic workshops were also held in the afternoon, one of which was on bioeconomy lead by the AQUIMER and ‘Nutrition Santé Longévité’ Poles of Competitiveness, in order to highlight the specificities of the 2014 – 2015 European calls for projects and to combine them with the vital forces on our territory.

Members of the Pole AQUIMER can find the synopsis of the presentation of the 2014-2015 Call for Projects of the Horizon 2020 programme on the Watch Centre’s website:

Exhibition in Bercy January 24 2014 :

On January 24 2014, 20 objects resulting from the collaborative R&D work of the poles of competitiveness were brought together in Bercy, The aim of this exhibition is to show how businesses’ efforts to innovate become a reality in daily life, the technological breakthroughs created and especially the growth and the dynamism of the businesses that undertake these projects .

At this event, Ministers Fleur Pellerin, Geneviève Fioraso and Arnaud Montebourg tasted chocolates enriched with Protizen marine peptide. Developed by Copalis within the framework of the AVCOP project, Protizen is a marine ingredient whose anti-stress properties have been proven in vivo. One study has demonstrated that Protizen stimulates attention whilst producing a sense of well-being and relaxation. This project was labellised by Pôle AQUIMER and funded by the FUI, the IFOP and the Communauté d’Agglomération du Boulonnais.

New labellised project: VINOCUP :

In December 2013, our Board labellised a new project:

VINOCUP: A study of viable non-culturable bacteria (VBNC) on surfaces via various microbiological, biochemical and molecular biological techniques in the seafood products industry.

ISO TC 234 : Proposal of France for a new subject regarding the minimum requirements for establishing an Ecolabel :

France has just proposed a new subject on standards to the ISO/TC234 «fisheries and aquaculture» Technical Committee which aims to facilitate to recognition of certifications of products from sustainable sea fishing, based on minimum requirements to be complied with. As a member of the French V45P Mirror Commission of this international Committee, AQUIMER would like to inform you of the letter from its General Secretary as well as of the presentation of this new subject

This commission is open to any business or structure which represents professionals from the aquatic products sector. Please do not hesitate to contact the Pole for any further information regarding the functioning of this French mirror commission!

Best Wishes for 2014 ! :

To start 2014, the team at Pole AQUIMER would like to wish you a year filled withaudacity and projects!

The first Zeetex project newsletter is out :

 «Which innovative textiles for marine applications?» is the title of the first newsletter from the Zeetex Project

Workshop : Is Packaging safe? Regulations and Tools :

European legislation in the area of agri-food considers packaging as a potential source of contamination for food products, which obliges industrialists in the sector to pass on the demands to their packaging suppliers. More specifically, the «contact materials» regulation establishes the principal of inertia that relates both to the toxicological and the organoleptic aspects.

In this context, it is important to have risk analysis tools in order to apply a preventive approach along the whole value chain.This is what the Safe Food Pack Design project proposes to do.


The CERTIA Interface and the ‘Nutrition Santé Longévité’ pole, in partnership with Poles AQUIMER and MAUD, are offering you this workshop in order to present to you the hazardous substances, the applicable regulations and the existing tools for designing safe packaging and   preventing the risks of contaminating food via packaging. Testimonials from businesses will be used to illustrate this workshop.


8.30: Welcome to participants

9.00: Presentation of the SAFE FOOD PACK DESIGN project by Jacques THEBAULT - CASIMIR

Concept of danger and hazard/ assessing chemical hazard/ emerging risks, new strategies

Materials/ the laws of transfer / definition of migration

10.55 – 11.10: Break

Principles and requirements / the various texts and their development/ the chain of command

12.10 - 12.40: Testimonial from ROQUETTE

12.40 - 14.00: Lunch on site


Migration tests / analytical and sensory methods / tools

14.45 - 15.15: ILLUSTRATION VIA EXAMPLES by trainers

15.15 - 15.45: Testimonial

15.45 - 16.30: Questions / discussions

Mission in Japan :

F2C Innovation clusters visit in Japan from 5th  to 11th October

20 members of the French Food Cluster have participated to the mission in Japan organized by Ubifrance and funded by the government (DGCIS). B to B meetings and visits of companies and research centers in nutrition and ingredients have allowed the participants to define cooperation topics. AQUIMER has also met his partners : the clusters from Hokkaïdo and Kyushu, with whom a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to reinforce the actions of cooperation.

15th French - Japanese Oceanography Seminar on the 17th and 18th October 2013 :

On the 17th and 18th October last, the first part of the 15th French-Japanese Oceanography Seminar was held on the theme «Marine Productivity: disturbance and resilience of socio-ecosystems». This seminar, organised by the two French-Japanese Oceanographic companies with the backing of the CNRS and IFREMER, brought together Japanese researchers from over ten research institutes as well as French researchers. The scientists were able to present many studies to illustrate the pressure of anthropogenic activities on the marine environment.

APECITA Partnership :

The AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness and the APECITA (Association for the Employment of Executives, Engineers and Technicians from Agriculture and the Agri-Food Industry) have signed a framework convention and in September 2013 defined the contents of the letter of engagement summarising the actions to be taken in order to keep this partnership going.

First of all, for the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness, this means that employment opportunities in the area of aquatic products that they receive and which are posted online on the Watch Centre’s Internet Site are relayed  to the APECITA.  Conversely, the APECITA will forward the employment opportunities from the sector to AQUIMER.

This partnership will make the aquatic products sector more visible to executives from the agri-food industry who are seeking employment and former students from agri-food engineering schools.

This convention signals the resolve of AQUIMER and the APECITA to exchange ideas in the areas of employment and training regularly, to explore possible synergies between these two entities and possible links between the agricultural, agri-food and aquatic products professions.

New video :

Find out highlight of the workshop “RAS: one of the key development for aquaculture?” organized by AQUIMER cluster on June 11th in Paris.

During this workshop, results of some research projects and innovative technologies were presented. About 75 professionals from all over France, the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark joined this event.” 

Half Ton Classics Cup Gala dinner 21stAugust 2013 :

For the first time the ‘Yacht Club Boulonnais’ (YCB) hosted the Half Ton Classics Cup sailing event, from the 18th to the 24th August 2013.

This nautical event brought together 50 boats and many nationalities (Belgian, Scottish, Finnish, Dutch, German, Australian and French …).

Pôle AQUIMER organised a cocktail buffet on Wednesday 21st August 2013 with aquatic products which brought together the participants and the press. Many professionals took the opportunity to spotlight their products developed from fish and shellfish:

Around 300 people attended and the seafood buffet was a great success!

On behalf of the Yacht Club Boulonnais and the Pôle AQUIMER, we would like to thank all businesses for taking part in organising the Half Ton Classics Cup gala  dinner on the 21st August 2013.

The list of businesses which contributed can be found at the page

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Visit from Madame Genevieve Fioraso, the Minister for Higher Education and Research on the 23rd July 2013. :

The Minister for Transport, Marine affairs and Fisheries invited Madame Geneviève Fioraso, the Minister for Higher Education and Research to discover the advantages of Boulogne-sur-Mer on the 23rd July 2013. 

The programme of the visit was devoted to research, innovation and training in Boulogne in France’s leading fishing port (visit of the ANSES laboratory, presentation of COPALIS and of the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness, IFREMER and NAUSICAA).

Visit from a Danish delegation from the 23rd to the 25th June 2013 to Boulogne-sur-Mer :

Within the framework of the discussions which have been going on between AQUIMER and the VIFU cluster for two years now, AQUIMER welcomed a ten-person Danish delegation to Boulogne-sur-Mer for two days.

After the exchange mission in November 2012 on closed circuit aquaculture, the aim here was to discuss fishing, the development of products and co-products and training in the area of aquaculture. Collaborations in R&D programmes and other missions are expected in order to further these exchanges.

Welcome to Claire CaralpWe would like to welcome Claire Caralp who joined Pole AQUIMER on the 15th July 2013 at the end of her i :

We would like to welcome Claire Caralp who joined Pole AQUIMER on the 15th July 2013 at the end of her internship which she did with our organisation

During her studies at the ‘’Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture” (ISA) in Lille and her Master’s degree in aquaculture and marine resources management at the University of Wageningen, Claire took part in Research and Development projects, and in particular at France Haliotis on the development of algae in abalone feed.

Within the framework of her internship at AQUIMER, she also organised the day of discussions on closed circuits last June 11th in Paris.

Claire is replacing Aurélie Jeangeorges at Pole AQUIMER and in particular will be continuing projects regarding aquaculture, nutrition and training.

Claire CARALP - Chargée de mission Pôle AQUIMER

Pole AQUIMER took part in the NutrEvent business convention in Lille on the 19th and 20th June 2013 :

Organised by Pole NSL, every two years this gathers the worlds of science, industry and regulations together around a single objective: increase and speed up R&D projects in the area of Nutrition-Health.

Following this event, a delegation of eight Italian, Canadian, Japanese and English journalists came to Boulogne-sur-Mer in order to meet the players from Pôle AQUIMER involved in nutrition projects. We can’t wait to read their articles!

This press trip was organised by North France Invest with the assistance of Boulogne-Développement Côte d’Opale.

A day of discussions on «Closed circuits: The key to the development of aquaculture? » :

Pole AQUIMER organised a new day of discussions called «Closed circuits: the key to the development of aquaculture?» on Tuesday June 11th 2013 in Paris. During this day, the results of several research projects, as well as innovative technologies were presented. Around 75 professionals from all over France, England, the Netherlands and Denmark took part in this event. The topics addressed during the day allowed us to review many issues that professionals are facing and fuelled discussions between the participants and the speakers:

·        The opportunities and prospects for recirculating systems,

·        The regulatory constraints in the field of aquaculture,

·        The already existing technologies in aquaculture and aquariology,

·        Energy management,

·        Experiences of users of recirculating systems.

The presentations given during this day’s events are available on Pole AQUIMER’s Watch Centre site.

Are you interested in the nutritional composition of aquatic products? Over to you! :

Aquimer would like to know your opinion in order to answer this question:

What future development should be given to the nutritional table for Nutraqua in order to better meet your needs?

Please spare 5 minutes to answer the questionnaire below.

New labellised projects :

On the 19th April 2013, the Board labellised four new projects:


« Optimisation of the SAIN,LIM nutrient profiling system of food for an industrial use »


« Development of salted snacks made using seafood products »


« Experimental project of collective interest: Assisting the aquatic products industry in the integration of lifecycle thinking - Phase 1-: Method development » 

ABC FISH (Anisakis Blastocystis Cryptospridium Fish)

« Protistan and nematodes FISH PARASITES: from their circulation within ecosystems to their impact on human health ».

A project was labellised at our assembly on Tuesday 28th May 2013 :  


« Sustainable TEchnologies for LittoraL Aquaculture and MArine Research »

New members :

At our last Board Meeting on 19th April 2013, a new member joined AQUIMER. Today the pole has 119 membersof which:

- 74 in the Businesses, Producers Organisations college,

- 24in the Research and Study Laboratories, Technical Centres and Training Organisations college,- 15in the Unions and Professional Federations and VIP college,

-  6 in the Institutions and Local Authorities college


In the 1st college: Businesses, Producers Organisations



Fabrication de biscuits

4 rue Pierre Romoleux  62200 BOULOGNE-SUR-MER

At our General Assembly, which was held on Tuesday 28th May 2013, four new members joined the Pole-:


In the 1st college:Businesses, Producers Organisations

HWI France

Courtier en assurances
73 Boulevard Haussmann 75008 PARIS



Aquaculture en eau douce

ZI de Kerbriand 29610 PLOUIGNEAU




11 rue François 14123 IFS


In the 3rd college: Unions and professional federations


Produits de l’aquaculture

32 rue de Paradis 75010 PARIS

Workshop « Impact of processing on the nutritional value of aquatic products » on 16th May 2013Pole AQUIMER in conjunction with :

Pole AQUIMER in conjunction with RMT ACTIA NUTRIPREVIUS has organised a half-day event for information aimed at professionals from the aquatic products sector who are interested in the problem of the impact of processing on the nutritional value of aquatic products.

Within the framework of the INCO regulation, nutrition declaration will be compulsory in 2016 at the latest. In this context, it is important to control the nutritional composition of one’s products and therefore to understand its processes and their impact on the products. This approach can also be adapted to the use of nutrition and health claims.

Faced with the variability of raw materials, the complexity of the processes (deep-freezing, marinating, sterilisation, smoking…) and the difficulty to grasp them, this workshop provided the opportunity to present the tools to describe, develop and optimise nutritional value:

- Nutritional audit guide: (Guide ACTIA, 2012 edition),

- SAIN, LIM, nutrient profiling system: a concept enabling the nutritional value of a food product to be expressed,

- Linear programming: optimisation tool

The Nutrition Santé Longévité Pole of Competitiveness has developed « NUTRIPREV», assistance, advice and funding programme for the nutritional improvement of agri-foods from SMEs in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. The JACQUES MAES SAS company, which has been able to benefit from this programme, gave us the pleasure of sharing their experience with us.


These fruitful discussions have opened up new avenues for development.

Do not hesitate to contact the team at Pole AQUIMER with any further enquiries and to tell us about your needs!

The presentations given during this day’s events are available on Pole AQUIMER’s Watch Centre site.

Seafood 2013 :

The AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness attended the European Seafood Exposition from the 23rd to the 25th April 2013 in Brussels. Like last year, a large stand was shared in the France Pavilion in hall 7 with the ‘Nouvelles Vagues’ Innovation Platform and the AQUIMER team received companies and visitors throughout the exposition in order to present the offer of assistance in setting up Research and Development projects (search for skills, funding, watching…).

A highlight in the Pole’s life was the cocktail party which was attended by many guests and which provided them with the opportunity to taste members’ products.

See all the innovative products discovered at Seafood on Pole AQUIMER’s Watch Centre Internet site

The AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness exhibits at the 8th International Congress Taste, Nutrition, Health organised by Vitagora® :

This event took place on the 19th and 20th March 2013 at the ‘Palais des Congrès et des Expositions’ in Dijon and attracted over 500 participants. This congress allowed players from various scientific communities to meet and discuss. A place to create and develop innovation projects in the fields of food and nutritional supplements, these two days provided Pôle AQUIMER with many opportunities to meet professionals from the industrial, research and training food worlds.

INCO Workshop on the 19th March 2013 :

On the 19th March 2013, the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness organised an information meeting on the Consumer Information regulation (INCO) whose first provisions will enter into effect in December l2014.

During this meeting, Sophie Dussours, head inspector at the DGCCRF (the French General Directorate  for Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control), and more particularly responsible for food labelling, explained in detail the main changes which are provided for by the INCO regulation with regard to labelling. She also reconsidered nutritional labelling in particular.

Marie Deniel, from the Naturalpha consultancy, explained the nutrition declaration in a detailed and practical way and the questions to be asked in companies regarding this approach.

Lydie Rembur, from the ‘Nouvelles Vagues’ Innovation Platform, talked about the particular impacts of this new regulation on aquatic product labelling as well as the particularities that aquatic products already have with regard to labelling.

Marielle Marie and Catherine Beutin, Project Leaders from the Pole AQUIMER, gave a few details about the control regulation, which occurs in the exchanges between operators (prior to consumer information), and presented two projects labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness, relating to packaging, labelling and B to B transmission of information: DECARTE, whose second phase is in the process of being built, and TRASEAPILOT.

The presentations given at this meeting can be accessed below for members of the Pole of Competitiveness after providing a login and password on the site

Contact: Marielle Marie: 03 21 10 78 98

ZEETEX Project :

Which textile innovation should we develop for the maritime sector?

This is the question which the four partners of the à ZEETEX project would like to answer: the AQUIMER and Up-TEX Poles of Competitiveness, Centexbel and the Flander’s Maritime Cluster.

In order to do this and among other actions, they offer company visits. The objective is to cross companies from the maritime industry with textile companies.

The next visit offered is to the Aquanord sea-bass and et sea-bream fish breeding farm in May.

Three visits have already taken place:

-        To Cousin Trestec (France):

This company manufactures ropes for various sports applications (Sailing, Kitesurf, Climbing, Paragliding…) and industrial applications (lifting, load handling, offshore, military, automotive…). During manufacturing, the company applies its know-how to the following priorities that it gives its ropes: elasticity, resistance, colour, the inclusion of a wire with special properties… The development of new products for fishing, offshore or marine aquaculture is possible.

-        To Jan De Nul (Belgium):

With 5,400 employees and a modern and steadily growing fleet, this group is today the world leader in the dredging industry. It is also involved in port development, construction, the treatment of soil and sludge, the design of its ships and dredging equipment. Fabrics could provide it with innovations in the following areas of activity: treatment, design, geotextiles…

-        To Pennel & Flipo (Belgium):

Founded in 1924 from a technical innovation which allowed a layer of rubber to be applied onto a fabric backing, the coating process, the company has become highly skilled in the fields of formulation of polymer blends and the design of fabric backing. It can therefore obtain specific features (protection against UV, ozone, abrasion, chemical products, salt, corrosion…).

Its coated fabrics are used in areas such as the marine industry (raft, floating barriers…), safety (life rafts…) and industry (tanks, booms…). This visit provided the opportunity to understand the various techniques used in the manufacture of these technical fabrics, and its strong potential in terms of R&D (it has a team of fifteen engineers).Applications for marine aquaculture and for fishing boats proved to be very interesting during our visit.

Please contact Mathilde Coquelle or Aurélie Jeangeorges with any questions.

This project is backed by Europe within the framework of the INTERREG IV France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen programme.

NASF took place from the 5th to the 7th March 2013 in Bergen For its eighth edition, the North Atlantic Seafood Forum moved to B :

For its eighth edition, the North Atlantic Seafood Forum moved to Bergen whose Region has over 1,000 businesses in the seafood sector.

The participants were mainly Norwegian although around ten French nationals, in particular from the ‘CCI International, Boulogne-Développement Côté d’Opale and Copalis’, made the trip. They familiarised themselves with the strategies for the sustainable development of large retailers and the market outlook for 2013.

AQUIMER also took part in the one-day event on innovation and challenges in aquaculture and took the opportunity to visit the University of Bergen and meet some aquaculture researchers.

New members :

At our last Board Meeting on the 27th February 2013, five new members joined AQUIMER. The Pole now has 117 members of which:

-       73 in the Businesses, Producers Organisations college,

-       24 in the Research and Study Laboratories, Technical Centres and Training Organisations college,

-       I3 in the Unions and Professional Federations and VIP college

-       6 in the Institutions and Local Authorities college.

Among the new members:

In the 1st college: Businesses, Producers Organisations

 . Crépin Manutention Continue

43 rue Blériot Zone industrielle Saint Léonard 62200 BOULOGNE-SUR-MER

 . Vintel

41 rue du Maréchal de Tassigny 62930 WIMEREUX

In the 2nd college: Research and Study Laboratories, Technical Centres and Training Organisations

. Université d’Artois

 9 rue du Temple 62200 ARRAS       

Funds raised for Tracers Technology, labellised: «Entreprises Innovantes des Pôles» [Innovative Cluster Businesses] in 2012Three :

Three months after being labellised as «Innovative Cluster Business» by the Norman Committee, Tracers Technology, an SME and member of AQUIMER since 2011 and participant during the day of discussions ‘is there a different way to package aquatic products’ on 18 October 2012, has just raised funds to the tune of €250,000 granted by Starquest Capital. Tracers Technology is a company that develops solutions for tracing and monitoring the compliancy of the temperature of goods.

 Olivier Rayant, Chairman and founder of Tracers Technology: «for two years we have been in contact with around thirty investment funds interested in financing the development of our company and obtaining the EIP label at the beginning of September 2012 enabled us to speed up the process: after that only three months went by before we raised a 250,000 euro funding via Starquest Capital, who was convinced by our innovation, our markets, our potential for exporting and our management team».

Emmanuel Gaudé, an Associate and founder of Starquest Capital confirmed this by saying «of course, the highly innovative nature of the solution offered by Tracers Technology (an affordable, reliable product with an international impact) appealed to us. But above all, it is the conviction of the entrepreneur that convinced us.

Olivier Rayant: «The EIP label helped us to prepare ourselves for the discussion with the investors, industrial partners and players in the field of funding (banks to purchase industrial machines, OSEO...), and to speed up the decision making cycles during the discussions. The influence and the credibility of this EIP label are due to steering by the poles of competitiveness and defending our project for development before a panel of investors and experts. The funds raised will enable us to move forward from the artisanal idea to the industrial project by contributing to the recruitment of the commercial team and by speeding up our development with a view to exporting.»

Press Communiqué 15th AAP FUI :

The RE-SIST project has just been selected by the 15th AAP FUI!

This project was labellised by AQUIMER on 20th April 2012 and is co-labellised by the ‘Mer Bretagne’, ‘Mer PACA’ and ‘AgriMip Innovation’ Poles.

Fish farms are exposed to various pathogens that lead to the outbreak of diseases having huge implications for businesses. For most of these diseases there are either no vaccines or their effectiveness is limited and the only way of combatting them are preventive methods or drug treatment. Selecting resistant livestock therefore seems to be a promising avenue. However, implementing such programmes is not compatible with the financial capacity of French SMEs. Initial work carried out by the research partners at the INRA and SYSAAF within the framework of the FLAVORES (ANR-07-GANI-002) programme and supported at the ANR’s GENANIMAL call for projects, investigated, via experimentations and simulations, the feasibility of a selection on the performance of high collaterals in mixed families and identified a posteriori by DNA profiling.
The aim of RE-SIST is to produce the information needed to introduce resistance to disease into the existing selection programmes according to the hypotheses tested under FLAVORES and to prepare these methods for the imminent introduction of molecular information produced by high-throughput genomics (selection assisted by genes or markers), by answering the following questions: (1) What is the heritability of resistance to the main pathogens in mixed families? What are the links between the resistance to various pathogens and production traits? (2) What are the most suitable ways of improving the genetic resistance of the candidates for selection within the framework of current methods via the use of molecular pedigrees? (3) How to prepare tomorrow’s selection methods: in particular, how to exploit the individual molecular information of the candidates in order to assess their genetic worth? Finally, the project will examine how to integrate this new genomic information in order to(i) optimise overall genetic progress depending on the objectives of businesses and (ii) anticipate adaptations in the area of associated genetic information management

In order to take up this challenge, the main breeding companies of the 4 most important species in French fish farming (rainbow trout, sea bass, turbot and sea bream) have joined the teams from the ANSES, INRA, Ifremer and the SYSAAF. The respective expertise of the partners in the fields of quantitative genetics, pathology and genomics will be used for the RESIST project by combining studies on commercial fish lines and finer experiments in experimental installations and laboratories (fish farms and infectiology units).

Launch of the MECAFISH projectThe ‘Nouvelles Vagues’ Innovation platform is launching new study called MECAFISH. This project ha :

The ‘Nouvelles Vagues’ Innovation platform is launching new study called MECAFISH. This project has been labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness and has the financial backing of the ‘Conseil Régional Nord Pas-de-Calais’, the DIRECCTE and the DRAAF.

The aim of this study is to assess and compare the potential socio-economic interest of mechanisation – automation – robotisation (MAR) of various unitary operations in the aquatic products sector and especially in seafood processing and smoking units. This economic analysis will be conducted in relation to current working methods but will also take into account the foreseeable development of the activities.

The ultimate aim is to provide professionals with a strategic prioritisation of the mechanisation – robotisation targets in the sector based on an analysis of the potential socio-economic gains but also taking into account possible developments in the coming years.

This study is to be carried out through investigative work with the sector’s manufacturers as well as equipment suppliers and will commence at the end of March 2013.

For further information, please contact: Isabelle COS, project manager on 03 21 83 91 31  par  mail

Eco design workshop on the 12th February 2013 Why, but above all how? What the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is, what it can bring :

Why, but above allhow?

What the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is, what it can bring us, how to be accompanied, tools (cost, training)…. These are questions to which the AQUIMER and MAUD Poles offered answers to players in the aquatic products and packaging areas at a workshop co-organised on the 12th February 2013 in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Two programmes, Eco-emballage and Foodprint, which are particularly suited to these two sectors were then presented to the forty or so participants.

New labellised projects :

-       SAPHYRE 

Space-based and temporal observations of Phytoplankton assemblies using satellite measurements in European marine waters (North and West): from water colour to ecological statutes



Adaptations to food transitions in aquaculture: their characterisation and development


-       VALEUR K

Characterisation of fish quality by enzymatic determination of K value compared with classical assessment methods

DECARTE Demonstration :

Means of communication are changing and volumes of information to be passed on are increasing while we are aiming to reduce packaging, the era of customised information is beginning and the tools that meet these developments have to be provided.

RFID is the solution that guarantees traceability along the whole chain and which enables businesses to customise the information that the consumer expects.

At the end of January, companies in the large retail, packaging and aquatic products sectors were invited to discover the results of the DECARTE project, the development of electronic cardboard, labellised by Pole MAUD, and co-labellised by AQUIMER, PICOM, SCS and UP-Tex and on which five businesses, two laboratories and a technical centre have worked.

This new RFID technology, that allows us to obtain an RFID tag at a very low cost, was presented and full-scale demonstration workshops were set up. In 2012 as proof of the success of the project, Bertrand HELLE, Head of the ‘Cartonneries de Gondardennes’, the company carrying the project, was awarded a prize within the framework of the European RFID Awards, thereby promoting the DECARTE project and all its partners.

Copalis labellised ”Entreprise Innovante des Pôles ” (Innovative Cluster Business) :

The COPALIS company has been labellised Entreprise Innovante des Pôles’ (Innovative Cluster Business).

This label was awarded on the 19th December 2012 by a committee of investment capital professionals made up of experts from the Poles of Competiveness, of which AQUIMER, representatives from investment funds and members of the AFIC, Business Angels and members of France Angels, a representative from OSEO and a representative from RETIS.

The Label is aimed at innovative VSE’s/SME’s from poles of competitiveness wishing to raise funds and willing to do so under the best conditions, by linking investors with the ecosystem of the poles of competitiveness.

This Label is obtained in order to offer the selected business a support programme to raise funds, and to enable investors to identify them with a view to funding.

The labellisation process is made up of 3 stages:

►    A multidisciplinary jury composed of representatives from the poles of competitiveness, OSEO, Business Angels members of France Angels, equity investors and members of the AFIC, and representatives or experts appointed by the financial organisations, signatories of the charter, who select the businesses most able to raise funds and participate in the labellisation process,

►    A training and support programme to raise funds for innovative VSE’s/SME’s from the poles of competitiveness, partially subsidised,

►    Final labellisation that provides access to meetings with private funders.

A new call for proposals will soon be launched. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

AQUIMER – NSL «FEED: market and prospectives for innovation» workshop :

The NSL and Aquimer poles held a workshop on animal feed on the 8th January 2013.

The aim was to present the industry to professionals and competence centres to know the market for it and the challenges and prospectives for innovation in order to identify themes of interest.

These themes will be the subject of future workshops which could lead to new openings for structural projects for the industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Visit from a Norwegian delegation on the 17th January 2013 :

A delegation from the city of Bergen came to Boulogne-sur-Mer on the 17th January 2013.

After a visit of the port and a presentation of Pôle AQUIMER, the Norwegians, their counterparts and some businesses discussed the prospectives for collaboration between the two territories and the development of cooperation in the aquatic products industry.

This one-day event was organised with the ‘CCI International’ and ‘Boulogne-Développement Côte d’Opale’.

Information day on the freshness of aquatic products on 27th November 2012 :

70 participants took part in the information day on the theme of «fresh fish, thawed fish:

Tools and methods to assess and retain its quality».

Organised by Pole AQUIMER, along with Anses, the ?Nouvelles Vagues' Innovation Platform and the Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, this one-day event aimed to answer the following questions:

- What is new and what are the prospects regarding methods for assessing freshness?

- Is it possible to check that a fish has not been frozen?

- Can double-freezing be detected?

- Which processes allows fish to better retain its freshness?

Via the presentations, the current state of available processes and results obtained within the framework of the various projects was established. Speakers and participants were then able to exchange their views concerning regulatory limits and techniques encountered and also on prospects for development.

New members :

At our last Board Meeting on the 26th November 2012, five new members joined AQUIMER. The Pole now has 109 members of which:

- 68 in the Businesses, Producers Organisations college,

- 22 in the Research and Study, Technical Centres and Training Organisations college,

- 13 in the Unions and Professional Federations and VIP college

- 6 in the Institutions and Local Authorities college.

Among the new members:

1st college

Athéna Surgelés

Avenue du 8 Septembre 62480 Le Portel - France


1 avenue de la Manche 62930 Wimereux


6 rue Louis Pasteur 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

2nd college

Pôle Agro-alimentaire Régional de Martinique

Impasse petit-Morne N°375 97232 Lamentin


GIE Ecopse

5 rue de Chorelles 75017 Paris

Mission in Ireland: from the 3rd to the 5th December 3 2012 :

Pole AQUIMER took part in a mission in Ireland in the Cork area, with the ?Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale' and ?Boulogne Développement Côte d'Opale', which have had relations with Ireland for several years. The aim was to meet industrial support organisations as well as researchers and teachers in marine sciences. Discussions were rich and collaborative work in the fields of fishing, aquaculture and product processing is under consideration. In particular, a cluster and a technology centre have been set up to encourage innovation.

2nd French- Argentinian cooperation conference :

On the 12th November 2012 in Biarritz, Jean-Baptiste DELPIERRE, Chairman of the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness, took part in the second French-Argentinian decentralised cooperation conference on the theme «Poles of competitiveness and clusters: socio-economic development factors and conveyors of international territorial cooperation».

The participants were thus able to gauge the impact of the Pole's actions on businesses, training centres and scientific players

Apart from the links connecting Boulogne-sur-Mer, which in 1849 welcomed General San Martin, liberator of Argentina, many participants expressed a wish for new bonds to be formed Boulogne-sur-Mer and La Plata, this time with an economic approach.

A new conference has already been planned for the last quarter of  2013.

Signature of an agreement between «NII Nutrition RAMN», Russian Research Institute and the VITAGORA and AQUIMER Poles of Competi :

Another cooperation agreement has been signed in Moscow between FGBU «NII de la Nutrition RAMN», reference institute in Russia for nutrition and food, and the VITAGORA and AQUIMER Poles of Competitiveness. This aims to develop the production of specific food products, aquaculture and fishery, products and children's food...

Mission to Denmark on closed containment aquaculture :

Pole AQUIMER organised a visit to Denmark from the 19th to the 21st November 2012. The 12-person delegation went to Hirtshals in northern Denmark in order to meet Danish researchers and businesses involved in the development of closed containment aquaculture and to visit some aquaculture sites

This mission allowed us to assess this technique, particularly issues regarding water treatment.

Discussion started on this theme will continue in the coming months.

A day of discussions «Is there a different way to package and transport aquatic products?» on the 18th October 2012 :

On the 18th October last, the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness held a day of discussions on the theme «Is there a different way to package and transport aquatic products?», which focussed particularly on the practices in other agri-food sectors.

 During the morning and at the beginning of the afternoon, the speakers dealt with the various aspects of this problem. France AgriMer presented the segmentation of the market and the cost of transport; the DGAL (the French General Directorate for Food) reported on regulations relating to the transport of aquatic products; the IFIP (the French Pork and Pig Institute) drew a parallel with the meat sector and then presented two European research projects relating to the themes of the transport and food safety of meat products which this technical centre is involved in.

During a round table, many innovations were presented (time temperature indicators, alternatives to «classical» refrigerated transport and storage,?

The IRSTEA (the French National Institute for Research into Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture) ? previously?CEMAGREF ? dealt with the question of the various research avenues in the area of refrigeration and/or temperature control and the UMR IATE (Agropolymer Engineering and Emerging Technologies) summarised the steps taken in two projects concerning the fruit and vegetable sector.

The afternoon continued with a workshop which brought together speakers and participants and which was intended to produce new research avenues in order to improve the packaging and transport of aquatic products.

 The slides projected during this one day event can be viewed, for members of Pole AQUIMER, on the website of the Aquatic Products Watch Centre.

 Any businesses, technical centres, research and/or training organisations who wish to invest in a project regarding the packaging and transport of aquatic products should contact Pole AQUIMER on or by e-mail.

Signature of an agreement between «NII Nutrition RAMN», Russian Research Institute and the VITAGORA and AQUIMER Poles of Competi :

Another cooperation agreement has been signed in Moscow between FGBU «NII de la Nutrition RAMN», reference institute in Russia for nutrition and food, and the VITAGORA and AQUIMER Poles of Competitiveness. This aims to develop the production of specific food products, aquaculture and fishery  products and children's food...

TRASEAPILOT project launch :

The three complementary projects of the AQUIMER pole of competitiveness related to the traceability of aquatic products which was started in 2006, have confirmed the value of establishing a database as well as a platform for exchanges common to all players involved in the aquatic products industry.

In order to validate the specifications of this platform, the operational gains and to highlight the points to be monitored with a view to deployment, AQUIMER today proposes to create a pilot of this database within the framework of the TRASEAPILOT project. This collaborative platform could prove to be a genuine centre for information and collaboration between all players in the aquatic products industry on national territory, or even international territory as, since this platform uses international standards, it will be in a position to communicate with any other international service that uses these same standards.

Backed by Pôle AQUIMER and 32% funded by the State via the 'TIC & PME 2015' fund, the TRASEAPILOT project is comprised of six partners (Predell consulting, Predell services, PRF (R&O group), Demarne, Norway Seafoods Boulogne (e.g. Viviers Marins), the "Halle à Marée" in la Rochelle (Joint association of the port of la Rochelle)) and an associated partner, Auchan.

Animal and plant breeding workshop: genetic tools of 9th October 2012 :

On Tuesday 9th October 2012, the AQUIMER and NSL (?Nutrition, Santé, Longévité') Poles of competitiveness jointly held a workgroup on the theme «Animal and plant breeding: genetic tools».

This workgroup allowed many avenues of work to be identified.

We invite businesses, scientific and technical centres of competency and training organisations interested in this theme to contact Pôle AQUIMER.

Technical support mission to the fishing industry in French Guyana :

Within the framework of the co-operation agreement signed with ?Guyane Technopole', Pôle AQUIMER visited French Guyana in the middle of October.

For three days visits to on-site professionals were organised and during a morning of exchanges, the results of a phase to gather expectations and the needs of Guyanese processors within the framework of a technical support mission to the fishing industry, were presented.

The eventual aim is to set up collaborative projects between French and Guyanese partners in order to respond operationally to the technical needs expressed in the investigation phase carried out by Alvi Management.

Seafood Barcelona :

Pôle AQUIMER visited Barcelona for the first edition of Seafood Barcelona which was held from the 15th to the 17th October 2012.

This event brought together 134 exhibitors and visitors from over 90 countries. A date has already been set for next year and the second edition should take place from the 22nd to the 24th October 2013, with probably a greater number of exhibitors.


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