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The SMART AQUAPONICS project aims to ease the use of aquaponics in developing new tools (such an app) available for everyone. On November 20th 2018, we contributed to a workshop on the app’s content. It will be divided into three different steps :

  • A training program : via a smart gaming, this step will bring the theoric

-       A training program :this step will provide the theoretical modules necessary for the development of an aquaponic system.

-       A customized design tool: by indicating certain parameters, users will be able to design their aquaponics system (support, adapted equipment. . . )

-       Remote aquaponics system management: thanks to monitoring sensors developed as part of the project, users will be able to remotely manage the evolution of their aquaponics system and be alerted of an upstream failure.

The SMART AQUAPONICS consortium visited the partner structure PCG, in charge of developing and testing monitoring and TOMATO MASTERS sensors, which forms an industrial ecosystem with PCG and AQUA4C.

AQUA4C is a closed-loop fish farm that operates for water and energy in symbiosis with TOMATO MASTERS, specialized in the cultivation of aquaponic tomatoes.

PCG is the research organization that participated in the development of AQUA4C. It is specialized in plant growth and has aquaponic units on which it can rely to develop the sensors.

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Since one year already, the 35 partners of the SEAFOOD TOMORROW project, in which we are involved as a partner, have been working together to develop nutritious, healthy and sustainable aquatic products for tomorrow's consumers.

On November 20th  and 21st , 2018, we met in Vigo for the annual meeting.

As a partner, we are involved in the task titled : “producing nutritious and sustainable food for targeted groups of people”. We have been involved in the selection of intermediate products, which will be used in the preparation of recipes for target populations.

The recipes will be presented by hotel schools in the framework of a national competition, then a European competition:

6 countries - 6 national competitions - 1 European competition

The six participating countries are Belgium, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Portugal. Three hotel schools have been selected to participate in the French national competition.

For more information about the project, click here.

For more information, please contact Julie Mancini

How to fit with the EU Landing Obligation ? :


DiscardLess is a European project aiming to gradually reduce discards. It meets the challenge that implies the article 15 of the regulation of the Common Fisheries Policy. This regulation states the landing obligation of all catches and will enter into force from January 2019.

A restitution workshop was organized on November 7th 2018 in Paris ; fisheries organization representatives participated actively to this meeting, which led to fruitful exchanges.

The french partners of DiscardLess presented different elements of their researches :

- A national study on the opinion of professionals about the landing obligation ;

- Different adaptations of fishing strategies: selectivity and avoidance

- Impacts of discharges on marine ecosystems and exploited stocks-  La modification des navires pour mieux s’adapter

Valorization of unwanted catches

*A toolbox presented during the presentations will provide fishermen with tools (selectivity, avoidance, adjustments, etc. ) to help them adapt more easily to the obligation to land. For more information about the toolbox  please click here

Members of AQUIMER, you can find all the presentations of the restitution workshop on the watch center.

For more info, click here.

On the road for the forthcoming “Horizon Europe” ! :

On October 16th, the Horizon 2020 working group (GTN BIO) met in Paris to exchange about the French participation in the funding programme HORIZON 2020, and to think about the future programme called “Horizon Europe”.

Mrs. Emmanuelle Klein reviewed the French participation in the societal challenge of the H2020 programme (sustainable food security, sustainable agriculture and marine bio-economy). Then the attendees discussed about the future programme Horizon Europe and its content.

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Cross-border cooperation : year one ! :

On October 8th,  SUMARIS partners met for their annual meeting. SUMARIS is a European project labelled by the French competitiveness cluster, AQUIMER.

As a reminder, SUMARIS project aims to sustainably manage rays and skates stocks in the Channel and in the South of North Sea. For more information, click here.

The meeting provided the opportunity for partners to review what has been achieved in the past months (cross-border database about the different rays species, monitoring protocol after rays’ catch, mapping the rays and skates stocks to monitor the exploited zones in the Channel and in the South of North Sea in an appropriate way) and to identify the next steps of the project (training, common and cross-border strategy).

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Gabrielle Heyvaert

Specifications for the implementation of a e-business platform in Boulogne-sur-Mer :

On October 2nd 2018, representatives of the aquatic sector (producer organisations, fish merchants, processors)and external structures met at AQUIMER office to set up specifications in order to implement an e-business platform in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The 9 participants, along with Céline Dubreuil, project manager at AQUIMER, identified major bottlenecks and a suitable operating mode. Fishery representative exchanged about a common label in order to enhance the image of Boulogne-sur-Mer and to ensure the traceability and the quality.  

A sharing of human resources for the creation and the implementation of this interface seems to be appropriate.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Céline Dubreuil !

AQUIMER at the closing meeting of the AGREENFISH project :

From September 25th to 26th, the AGREENFISH project partners assembled at Sizun in the Finistère area (France) for the closing meeting of the project.

Coordinated by the INRA, this event has demonstrated that the AGREENFISH project managed to identify the genes that allow for adjustment to nutritional transition in the Rainbow Trout. In fact, it is the dietary intake and therefore, the sensory perception of the food, that is at the core of the Rainbow Trout’s adjustment to plant-based food.

For more info about the AGREENFISH project, click here.

For more info, please contact Celine Dubreuil

AQUIMER at the kick-start conference for the SMART AQUAPONICS project :

On the 20th of September, AQUIMER attended the conference for launching the SMART AQUAPONICS, in Lille. Around sixty participants gathered for this event dedicated to aquaponics.

The day started with four conferences and a plenary round table. Various existing, or project-mode aquaponics centers (Aqua4C, BIGH Farms, l’cho-village, AquaponieBxL) followed one another in presenting their own experiences.

Subsequently, to start the afternoon, the participants split into 3 parallel sessions.

-       Integration of smart gaming in teaching programs

-       Integration of connected supervision tools

-       A tour of Tast’in Fives and its aquaponics system

For more info, please, contact Celine Dubreuil !

Closing session of the ALTERATION project :

On Thursday 20th of September, the AQUIMER cluster hosted about 20 participants for the closing session and reporting of the project ALTERATION, financed by the FEAMP innovation funds. The NOVOCIB Company presented the newly developed method, based on quantitative analysis of nucleotides, in order to evaluate the freshness of aquatic products easily. L’ANSES subsequently presented research work that was carried out to evaluate effectiveness and relevance of this method. The attending businesses showed interest in using this tool for the purposes of their own quality control processes.

AQUIMER at the ALPO workshop :

On Friday the 14th of september the partners on the ALPO projects, including AQUIMER met at the University of Mons, in Belgium, to speak about the progress of the project.

The first polymers derived from micro-algae were presented: they could be employed in the health sector (genetic therapy), in the textile sector, or even in the building of new materials. For more information on the ALPO project, click here.

For more info, please, contact Celine Dubreuil !

AQUIMER at the AQUA2018 congress :

From the August 25th to 29th, 2018, AQUIMER attended the AQUA2018 congress, co-organized by the EAS (European Aquaculture Society) and the WAS (World Aquaculture Society).

The target of this event was to outline a panoramic vision of tomorrow’s aquaculture. AQUIMER was thus able to attend several conferences such as «Feeding humanity by producing locally», organized by the EATIP, «Adapting farming to climate change», and experience sharing around the subject of «Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture»

AQUIMER managed to meet with, and speak to several professionals from the sector (producers, investors, manufacturers, trainers, equipment suppliers), as well as the other members of the EATIP (European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform).

For more info, please, contact Celine Dubreuil !

A warm welcome to Céline Dubreuil! :








Céline holds a Master’s Degree specialized in Science and Technology in the Environment, and Regional Development in Lille. For 20 years, she has contributed to the taking into account of the environment (Flora and Fauna) in various projects at land and at sea (off-shore wind turbines, repair of dikes, extension of basket traps…). Her deep interest in productive ecosystems has led her to pursue diploma-awarding, on-job training in aquaculture in Coulogne.

For more info, please contact Céline Dubreuil !

AQUIMER welcomes a delegation from the DG MARE :

On the 5th of july,  AQUIMER had the pleasure of receiving a delegation from the DG MARE (in charge of European Union policies on maritime and fishing affairs).This occasion allowed AQUIMER to present its targets and missions, as well as to demonstrate its experience in the sector of aquatic products.

The delegation also enjoyed a visit to PFI Nouvelles Vagues and Nausicaa sites, who are members of AQUIMER.

Thanks go to Olivier Poline, President of PFI Nouvelles Vagues and Philippe Vallette, General Director of Nausicaa for their hospitality.

Find out the the third newsflash of the Terafood project :

Find out the the third newsflash of the Terafood project (project labellised on 23 november 2017) : " Using Sound to Determine the Freshness of Your Food"

/img/images/2018_Jun New flash 3 EN(1).pdf


The first European workshop of AQUIMER took place in Brussels on 06/27. This event brought together over 60 participants, from about ten different nationalities. The morning session was dedicated to presentations from guests (FAO, DG MARE, European ThinkTank, NGO) on microplastics, and the presentation of projects related to this theme. Following that, AQUIMER set the scene for the afternoon brainstorming workshop on the European call for projects for HORIZON 2020 BG 06 «Sustainable solution for bio-based plastics on land and sea», which brings together around thirty European players interested in this subject.

This conference was labelled «Bring European Maritime Day to your country» by the DG MARE, within the framework of «European Maritime Day», which took place this year in Burgas (Bulgaria).

For more info, please contact Gabrielle Heyvaert


On the June 25th and 26th, AQUIMER went to Brussels to obtain information relating to the HORIZON 2020 projects for the year 2019. An event of matchmaking followed the presentations to allow participants to find new partners and coordinators for their future European projects.

Thierry Missonnier, elected to the board of directors at the EATIP :

On the 12th of June, Thierry Missonnier, director  of AQUIMER was elected as a member of the board of directors of the EATIP (European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform) during the General Meeting.


As a reminder, the EATIP has set its targets of increasing the share of aquaculture in the production of sea products, and to support research in areas of aquaculture at the European level. In order to accomplish this, the EATIP identifies the research priorities and gives its opinion to the European Union Counsel during high-level consultations.

For more info, please, click here.

INFODAY COSME by the European Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) :

AQUIMER was in Brussels on the eleventh of June for the first edition of the INFODAY on the COSME program. The working day was built around various points: how to create a proposal, the key financial aspects, upcoming calls for offers, and information sources.

Board of directors of the AQUIMER Cluster :


On the 7th of june, the AQUIMER Cluster held its ordinary general meeting. This event allowed for the election of members of the new Board of Directors, consisting of 12 representatives from the 1st college, 5 from the 2nd college, 2 from the 3rd college, and 3 from the 4th college, introduced on this page.

AQUIMER at the European Maritime Day 2018 in Bulgaria :

AQUIMER participated on the 31st of May, in the opening of the European Maritime Day 2018 in Burgas, Bulgaria.

This annual conference extending over two days, introduced by Karmenu Vella, the European commissioner of Maritime and Fishing affairs, brings together players from the European maritime world around 19 workshops.

The event revolves mainly around the 2030 European strategy for increasing sustainability of fishing and aquaculture, the Landing Obligation, and the new FEAMP, as well as the urgent need for fighting against plastics in the oceans.

For more info, please contact Gabrielle Heyvaert

Infoday on the call for projects for Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBIJU) :

On the 17th of April, AQUIMER went to the Brussels offices of the European Commission to attend a morning information session on the European call for projects of Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBIJU), followed by a matchmaking afternoon. The BBIJU program mainly deals with marine biomass -recycling by-products-, contamination tests, and biomaterials for food packaging, as well as polymers and plastics of biological sources with new purposes to serve.

For more info, please contact Gabrielle Heyvaert

AQUIMER at the conference of "Science innovation for a healthy ocean" :

AQUIMER was present at the conference of «Science innovation for a healthy ocean», organized by the SEARICA Intergroup (SEAS, RIVERS and COASTAL AREAS) of the European Parliament on the 10th of last April, to attend discussions over the European project for action against plastic and micro-plastic materials in the oceans.

This conference was followed by the opening of the exposition of Ocean Plastics Lab which is located on the Solidarność esplanade opposite from the European Parliament. This exposition, supported by several MEPs who are members of the SEARICA intergroup, aims at alerting citizens and their representatives to the urgent need for fighting against the polluting of oceans, and informing them of the possible scientific contributions to help contain this problem.

For more info, please contact Gabrielle Heyvaert !

AQUIMER at the European Parliament to attend the meeting on "Europe the Ocean and Feeding the World" :

AQUIMER went to Brussles on the 20th and 21st of last March to attend two meetings of the European Parliament Intergroup SEARICA (SEAS, RIVERS and COASTAL AREAS). The conference held on March, 20th and entitled “Europe, the Ocean and Feeding the World” has highlighted the importance of the Fishing and Aquaculture sector in the context of world population growth, for meeting the food needs of this population.

On the 21st of March AQUIMER took part in the conference led by the MEP Mrs. Isabelle Thomas on the potential of marine biotechnology and the importance of R&D in this sector.

For more info, please, contact Gabrielle Heyvaert.

The cluster launches its European Newsletter! :

On the second of march, the AQUIMER cluster launched its first European Newsletter!

Intended for our European partners, the "European Newsletter” features information on our European activities. In fact, three times a year, our subscribers will receive updates on projects, meetings, conferences, and ongoing consultations.

Click here to download our European Newsletter.

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AQUIMER at the annual COLUMBUS conference :

On the 24th of January, AQUIMER had the honor of participating in the COLUMBUS annual conference: "Making Marine and Maritime Research Count". With the support of more than 11 countries, this project aims at developing and sharing scientific knowledge, and results of research projects with potential users of such knowledge. The project is founded on a number of subjects that are related to marine and maritime research.

AQUIMER’s participation in this conference allowed for obtaining information on the project progress, as well as establishing a dialogue with potential European partners.

For more info, please contact Gabrielle Heyvaert.

A hearing session on European aquaculture at the European Parliament :

On the 11th of january, AQUIMER attended a hearing session on European aquaculture, at the European Parliament in Brussels. Presented by the MEP, Carlos Iturgaiz, this event has allowed for presenting, and responding to various problematic issues related to aquaculture in different sectors (regulations, science domains, marketing, and technical issues).

The hearing session was concluded with the unveiling of «Food From the Ocean», a written text created upon the request of Karmenu Vella, MEP for the environment, and maritime and fishing affairs. This text stipulates various possible actions that are to be implemented in order to make better use of the marine environment for the purposes of human nutrition.

Read more about Food From the Ocean

AQUIMER at the meeting of the European Parliament Intergroup SEARICA (SEAS, RIVERS and COASTAL AREAS) in Brussels :


On the 10th of january, the AQUIMER cluster participated in the meeting «What next steps for OurOcean?» organised by the European Parliament Intergroup SEARICA (SEAS, RIVERS and COASTAL AREAS). This event dedicated to exchanging ideas is part of the efforts proceeding from the European Conference of OurOcean, related to the key role played by the European Union and aiming at a sustainable exploitation of maritime resources. The European commissioner of Maritime and Fishing affairs, Mr. Karmenu Vella, stressed our common responsibility toward seas and oceans.

This was the opportunity for AQUIMER to meet new contact people with an eye to creating some future European projects.


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