The national level

The AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness is in partnership with ‘Jinnove’, Regional Platform for Innovation and Research Development, and ‘Nord France Innovation Développement’ (NFID, formerly-RDT).

In addition, it is a member of the Innovation Group of the ‘CCI Côte d’Opale’ (Côte d’Opale Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

The pole is also a member of the EuraRFID and [avniR] regional platforms. The ‘Centre d’Innovation des Technologies sans Contact’ – EuraRFID (The Innovation Centre of Contactless Technologies) encourages businesses’ understanding of contactless innovative technologies and the Internet of Things, accelerates the emergence and the placing on the market of standardised innovative solutions, develops synergies between businesses, research and training organisations whilst taking social impact and international perspectives into account.

The LCA, [avniR] platform aims to develop LCA methodology and to be a centre for resources and collaborative expertise which will make the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region a specialist in this science. The aim is to accompany regional players in the understanding, acquisition and implementation of this eco-technology.

In order to strengthen its role as agri-food intermediary specialising in aquatic products, Pole AQUIMER is a member of ACTIA (Association for Technical Coordination in the Agri-Food Industry).

The ACTIA conjugates the activities of 18 agri-food technical institutions and 9 Interface Centres, involving 1200 research scientists, engineers and technicians who accompany agri-food businesses.
As a national coordination structure ACTIA represents, stimulates and catalyses this unique development, transfer, information and training network. It develops the synergies of the many know-hows by coordinating the 15 MTUs and the 10 MTNs with the additional themes.

AQUIMER takes part in the following Mixed Technology Network (MTN) meetings:

  • - Nutri’Prévius «Nutritional Food Quality», backed by the CRITT Poitou-Charentes,
  • Sustainable Fluid Management, backed by the ADIV and TECALIMAN,
  • - ECOVAL: eco-design and promotion of co-products, backed by the ITERG with the aim of setting up common interest research programmes and of ensuring the transfer of knowledge to businesses on the issues raised by these MTNs.

FFPC : Pole AQUIMER is concerned by the control of information which could be detrimental both to the consumption of fishery and aquaculture products and to the sector’s image. This is why it is involved with the ‘Fédération Française Poissons, Crustacés, mollusques’ (French Federation for Fish and Shellfish), which watches over the publication of all this data.


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