Partnerships in place:

Québec :

Following the signing of a cooperation agreement with the marine niche of excellence in 2008, Pole AQUIMER organises various actions in partnership with Quebec in order to develop cooperation and collaborative projects between its members and the members of the niche. In particular these exchanges have enabled a training programme between the ULCO and the EPAQ to be developed and R&D projects to emerge.

Morocco :

Various meetings, of which one in 2010, allowed possible cooperation with Agadir to be defined and the creation of a halieutic pole of competitiveness to be accompanied.

A partnership agreement was signed at the beginning of 2012 with the Halieutic Pole of Competitiveness for Agadir.

Japan :

Following on from the meetings which have been organised since 2012 in Japan and France in partnership with the Poles of Competitiveness, members of the French Food Cluster Innovation (Vitagora®, Valorial and Agrimip Innovation), a Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the beginning of 2012 between the NOASTEC (Northern Advancement Center for Science and Technology) cluster in Hokkaido, Vitagora®, Valorial and AQUIMER. This agreement should lead to collaboration in the field of Research and Development on the question of promoting aquatic co-products, developing, promoting algae, …

Partnerships being developed :

Special emphasis is given to the development of partnerships at the European level. Identifying clusters, more or less closely connected to the aquatic products sector is an essential prerequisite for the emergence of European research programmes. In order to achieve this; in June 2009 the Pole signed a convention with Euralia, a firm specialising in European affairs. After mapping the European clusters, AQUIMER contacted four clusters :

  • - Norwegian Centre of Excellence Aquaculture, Norway,,
  • - Knowledge Centre for Food Development, Denmark
  • - Wagralim, Belgium,
  • - Flander’s Maritime Cluster, Belgium.

Euralia also keeps a watch out for European calls for project and for news connected to the aquatic products sector, thereby enabling the AQUIMER Watch Centre to open up to a network of European players.


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