The international level

Pole AQUIMER has been a member of the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP) since 2011.

The aims of this platform are to develop the role of aquaculture in the production of seafood products and to back research in the field of aquaculture at European Union level by identifying research priorities and by expressing its opinion to the European Council during high-level consultations. Within the framework of this platform, the Pole takes part in prospective workshops on aquaculture.

As a member of the French mirror platform, Food For Life France, Pole AQUIMER takes part in the reflections undertaken within the framework of the European Technology Platform, Food for Life. A place for sharing, exchanging and collaborating on agri-food research and innovation issues, its aim is to provide a strategic view of the sector and to identify partnered research programmes likely to be backed at the national or European level.


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