Founded in 1999 and designated a national Competitiveness Cluster in 2005 by the French government AQUIMER is a service for companies, scientists and training centres.

AQUIMER helps your company to grow.

AQUIMER finds funding for your research and training projects.

The aim of the AQUIMER competitiveness cluster is to reconcile the depletion of seafood resources and the increase in food demand with the imperatives of sustainable development.

AQUIMER's programmes focus on three themes:

. Maximising the available resources and creating new resources based on sustainable development 

. Positioning fishery products in future foodstuffs

. Changing the fundamentals of the aquatic food industry to promote the emergence of new technological and business approaches

Its goal is to increase the competitiveness of companies while at the same time meeting their requirements, helping them develop and sustain their activities through R&D and technological improvements.

Its role is to provide an active interface between companies' projects and their implementation.

ITS missions :

- to gather the needs of businesses in the field of aquatic products or to provide assistance in identifying them,

- at the national level, to define research priorities and to call upon the skills of scientists and training centres in order to produce concrete results,

- to provide an accompaniment in the development of collaborative Research and Development projects, to provide a link with suitable contacts (businesses, scientific organisations, technical and training centres),

- technical and adminsitrative support in the preparation of projects (funding applications, consortium agreements, communication of results),

 - information, sensitisation, communication: access to shared technological tools and at the Pole’s Watch Centre (online database, question/answer service…).


16 rue du Commandant Charcot
62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer F

Tel : 00 333 21 10 78 98

Fax : +33 3 21 30 33 22



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